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Tea Leoni tries not to age

Actress Tea Leoni is trying not age. All seems to be going except when she tries to make facial expressions and her forehead does not move. Her eyes also look like they have gotten smaller over time and unlike most 42 year actress, Tea has no signs of aging around her eyes, which simply look [...]

No more duck lips for Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan has forgone the duck lips look she had last year. Perhaps the calming influence of her girlfriend Samantha Ronson has made her feel more secure in her physical appearance.  Duck lips are never sexy on a young girl; rather, they make the wearer look desperate.

Natalia Imbruglia is no longer left of the middle

Natalie Imbruglia burst out into the music scene in 1997 with her hit album Left of the Middle and unforgettable song, ‘Torn’.  Since then, she’s struggled wildly to attain the same success musically with little or no luck. Lately, she’s been seen on various film premiere red carpets trying to regain the public interest.
Natalie no [...]

Kenny Rogers by popular demand

Although he has been covered before, I still constantly receive requests to feature Kenny Rogers on this website. So here, he is, the Maverick, himself.

Yup, it looks like a bad eye job / bad brow lift / bad plastic surgery situation in my opinion. However, if you look at his nose, it appears more aquiline [...]

Jennifer Grey does it again

First, Jennifer Grey had a nose job that rendered her pretty unrecognizable. Now, she looks even stranger with different, tilted at the corner eyes, and super tight forehead. She does not look anything like she did before. I hope the next plastic surgeon refuses her service.

Let’s Hassle The Hoff

Wow, David Hasselhoff looks all sorts of awful these days. From the weirdly alert eyes, the strangely round youthful cheeks, to the super shaved down nose and reddish peeled looking skin, he looks like a Spitting Image puppet. This gentlemen actually thinks he can peel, cut, and pull his way back to 30 Good luck, [...]

Kate Moss’ grown up nose

Kate Moss hit the international scene in the early 90s. Since then, she has been through many changes and even spent a few stints in drug rehab. The British press dubbed her “Cocaine Kate”.
Did drugs damage Kate’s nose? Some people feel that it has. I have received several emails and photos saying that Kate’s [...]

More photos of Thailand’s Jocelyn Wildenstein

Here are more photos of Thailand’s Jocelyn Wildenstein. This woman appears to have had so much plastic surgery, she barely even looks Thai anymore, but actually looks more like a Japanese kabuki creature.

Her nose looks like it has been operated on multiple times. Even when smiling, her face does not wrinkle. Her teeth look like [...]

The Many Faces of Carrot Top

Some people call comic Carrot Top, ‘Scary Top’, because his face looks so odd. His eye arch strangely, his lips are huge for a guy, and his skin looks like rubber.

Carrot Top was once a normal looking guy (or at least until 2000). After that, his face changed into that of a stranger. He is [...]

This is the old photo Jennifer Garner does not want you to see. It is from a time when she had a small upper lip. Yes, Jennifer garner had a SMALL upper lip! Seeing is believing.

I’ve always thought that there was something suspicious about her lips. They simply looked too large for her and she [...]