Ashley Tisdale’s nose heals

Initially, I thought Ashley Tisdale’s ‘nose surgery’ (she claims it was not cosmetic, but necessary for breathing; sure, we believe you, Ashley) was not the greatest, but now, after the swelling has gone down, it looks nice. Her face was also a bit swollen after surgery too. Look at a photo taken the weekend after surgery and a photo from a few days ago in Germany.

ashley tisdale

I found an interesting photo of Ashley taken in 2003 when she was a brunette with meat on her bones.
Her cheeks were less plump in 2006 when she smiled, even though she weighed more then. Isn’t that interesting? Most people lose facial fat as they age. I was looking at a screencap from the first High School Musical and her cheeks were not plump in the film, but definitely were during the media blitz afterwards. Maybe, she has cheek implants.

ashley tisdale 2003 and ashley in 2006

Finally, we don’t ‘hate’ Ashley on this site. We just notice things. :)

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