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Say it isn't so Liv!

It appears that beautiful Liv Tyler has fallen prey to the Hollywood curse of trout pout. Already posessing lovely bee stung lips, some Hollywood beauty peddler probably pressured Liv to ‘do something extra’ to her face so that they could make a few more bucks. I think Liv’s upper lip looks like a slug. Take [...]

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Katherine Harris gets even uglier

Katherine Harris (the scary looking Florida government official who was center stage during the election fraud of 2000) tries to turn back time. Back then, her face was very thin and lacked fat. More recently, her face is now youthfully filled out. But, she still looks weird because the facial fat does not look evenly [...]

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Do Susan Lucci's breasts look fake to you?

Do Susan Lucci’s breasts look fake to you? There is a certain individual circular shape to each breast and in photos, there is a circular roundness to them. You be the judge. Do Susan Lucci’s breasts look fake to you? Do Susan Lucci’s breasts look fake to you? Yes No view results

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Natalie Imbruglia is looking weirder than ever

I suppose Natalie Imbruglia has her eye on some sort of career in Hollywood, because she’s now dyed her hair blonde. Yes, it looks okay on her, but coupled with her wacky chestnut filled cheeks, she looks like any other long time Hollywood resident – hard. Its kinda hard to cheer for her when she [...]

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Tara Reid is not perfect

Tara Reid insists on prancing around in a bikini even though her naughty bits look aged beyond her years. Today, Tara took an opportunity to speak with People magazine online about the blitzing she has taken from celebrity blogs over her plastic surgery fiasco and also took the opportunity to plug her clothing line which [...]

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Madonna is scary looking

Madonna is simply scary looking. Her hands reflect her true age. They look old and veiny. Madonna’s face waxen and stiff. Is she embalmed already?

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Tara Reid has loose skin like a sharpei dog

Tara Reid has loose skin on her stomach, buttocks, and legs (it reminds me of the dog breed with loose skin, called sharpei). Why is the skin loose? Too much aggressive liposuction can remove underlying fat leading to skin that sags. Also, loose skin is a sign of aging. Older skin loses its elasticity very [...]

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Fat Lips For Jennifer Aniston

Whoa! Jennifer Aniston is sporting some seemingly fat lips. They are almost in Angelina Jolie bee stung pout territory. Large lips do not suit her. because they do not match the rest of her square facial features.

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Brooke Hogan's breast implants settle

Brooke Hogan’s breast implants have finally settled. When she first got them last year, they looked like pecs. By February this year, her breasts finally had some ‘hang’ to them, and now they have a very realistic looking sag to them. Kudos to her plastic surgeon.

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Just when you thought Tara Reid couldn't look worse

Just when you thought Tara Reid couldn’t look worse, she shocks us all and hits a new low, with breasts that look saggier than your grandmother’s. Congrats, Tara! Her weight loss after getting her breast implants has caused her skin to sag all over her body, hence her chest looks worse than ever, sort of [...]

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