Video Model With Ugly Breast Implants

Since, the 80s, music video models have trended towards the plastic type woman who seems to have paid for all sorts of body alterations with a coupon. Dollicia Bryan is no exception. She has shown off her bulging fake breasts in many music videos, plus the cover of the men’s magazine King. Her breasts look pretty bad, because they don’t even have the tiniest bit of sag that might make you start to believe that her mammaries are real. They are hard and fake; their owner is still quite proud of them, nonetheless.

dollicia bryan

Jackie Zeman looks like a muppet

Jackie Zeman from the soap General Hospital looks like a muppet. She was rather attractive when she was younger and seems deperately trying to ‘hang on’ to what is left of her once good looks. Her lips are scary (I don’t believe her husband kisses those anymore; I heard she was divorced. Oh, I wonder why?) Having seen her in person, I can verify that she does look like senior citizen trying to look younger. If she pulls her facial skin any tighter, she’ll have no expressions left.

jackie zeman general hospital

Howard Stern Makes Over His Not So Private Parts

Howard Stern has fallen into a trap that many men who court and marry younger women usually do. He’s trying to look younger and in the process, has become more wizened looking. His chin looks small, his nose looks filed down, plus his skin is now super tanned, and his facial skin looks oddly craggy as if he’s had a failed face lift.

You be the judge. He is going for a “younger” look and failing.

howard stern plastic surgery

Janice Dickinson needs to stop it

It has already been established that no one can peel, pull, or cut their way back to looking like a hot 25 year old and it would be nice if Janice Dickinson would stop trying. She simply looks scary when she makes ‘model faces’, because her face it very frozen looking (too much botox?). Her chest does not even look remotely real. In the photo below, her boob looks like a giant ball implanted into her chest.

Janice Dickinson

The Many Faces of Elle MacPherson

Elle MacPherson has a new modeling contract with cosmetics powerhouse Revlon. She is an interesting choice, because she is looking rather plastic lately. Yes, I know she is 44 years old, but up until 1996, she was still looking seriously cute.

elle macpherson
Elle in 2006

Then, in 2006, she broke up with a boyfriend. Oh, no. So, then 2007 rolls around and look what the cat dragged in.

elle macpherson
Elle in 2007

She is looking rather tired at a public event to promote a new product. Check out how squinty her eyes seem, plus the area under them looks tighter. Her nose also looks less rounded at the nostrils. What sort of upgrade is this supposed to be? Looks like a downgrade to me.

2008 is supposed to be a banner year for Elle. In addition to her line of lingerie began in 2006, she is endorsing a sunscreen product and has the big Revlon deal. Goodie for her bank account, but not so good for her face. She is looking hard (and being described as arrogant and “up herself” by interviewers)!

elle macpherson 2008
Elle in 2008

Wowser, look at those lips. Ms MacPherson has always been generously lipped, but her upper pucker looks uncomfortably filled to the brim. But at least her eye area looks more relaxed and settled in. Even a supermodel millionairess can’t have it all.

Ashley Tisdale’s nose heals

Initially, I thought Ashley Tisdale’s ‘nose surgery’ (she claims it was not cosmetic, but necessary for breathing; sure, we believe you, Ashley) was not the greatest, but now, after the swelling has gone down, it looks nice. Her face was also a bit swollen after surgery too. Look at a photo taken the weekend after surgery and a photo from a few days ago in Germany.

ashley tisdale

I found an interesting photo of Ashley taken in 2003 when she was a brunette with meat on her bones.
Her cheeks were less plump in 2006 when she smiled, even though she weighed more then. Isn’t that interesting? Most people lose facial fat as they age. I was looking at a screencap from the first High School Musical and her cheeks were not plump in the film, but definitely were during the media blitz afterwards. Maybe, she has cheek implants.

ashley tisdale 2003 and ashley in 2006

Finally, we don’t ‘hate’ Ashley on this site. We just notice things. :)

Carol Alt’s Wonky Eye

Is it just me or does Carol Alt’s right eye look slightly ‘off’? Sometimes when people get their eyes lifted, it can leave the one eye that was already smaller, even more smaller (humans’ eyes are each slightly different in size). Also her nose seems to have changed over the years; it appears sharper and more witch-like as if the bridge was raised too much.

carol alt then and now

Her features were much softer when she was starting out as a model in 1982.

carol alt 1982

Fergie is less scary looking

Music star Fergie is less scary looking lately. Normally, the 33 year old singer looks more like a wizened 40-something, but now her skin looks smoother (or as smooth as it can look when you’re a former hardcore longtime meth addict – remember people, drugs are not a beauty and health aid, look at Fergie). What I’ve always found strange about Fergie’s claims of no longer using drugs is that her facial skin says something different. Her skin looks excessively aged with huge pores as if she is still using. Usually, when meth addicts stop using, their skin goes back to normal. But apparently, not in Fergie’s case.

What can make a person’s face look younger without excessive downtime? Botox, restalyne, or peels are effective in this area.