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Joan Rivers’ face did not always resemble a Halloween mask. She was perfectly normal looking in the mid 80s as this photo shows. After her husband committed suicide, her face started melting. First,her nose, and then the rest. Her hairline starts very far back on her head. Why? If not brain surgery, then it was because of a face lift.

Her nose seems to have been carved into something that would look fine on Michael Jackson. That is definitely not a good thing. And her plump upper lip is pointless considering her age.

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12 Responses to “Joan Rivers..she was not always scarier than a Halloween mask”  

  1. 1 mytwocents

    It seems like the only time Joan Rivers looked even remotely attractive was in about the pic 2 stage. I think the problem with plastic surgery is that instead of using it to make slight corrections or enhancements, they’re attempting to rebuild the face and failing miserably.

  2. 2 frewt

    She should have stopped the nonsense at picture no. 2. Now she looks like a freak. The way the cheeks pull away from the nose is really bizarre (in addition to everything else). I can’t believe she is still justifiying this madness as ‘maintenence’.

  3. 3 Taylor

    Never pretty, certaintly not ugly either… but man she can still make me laugh! I love her!!!!

  4. 4 jan

    she looks worse than a freak. ewww

  5. 5 SpookCat

    My poor heart cannot take any more Joan Rivers pictures please I plead with you for the love of **** no more Joan Rivers pictures….

  6. 6 MARY

    why does her current fact look all doughy, is this what happens when there is scar tissue underneath… it looks like someone took and injected some doughy stuff inside her face. the sad thing is, when we see an actor/actress in a movie, we see how they look and we become a fan of that person we saw in that movie.. then later they totally change their look and now they dont look the same as we remember them from our favorite movie. Like the girl who played Baby in Dirty Dancing (the movie)… we wont ever get to see that cute face anymore.. so its almost like they’re gone.

  7. 7 Debbie

    I love Joanie…..but I hate what shes doing to herself. Please stop Joan… are starting to look like that catwoman mess.

  8. 8 Jekor

    Oh, Joanie, WHY? I know you make fun of yourself on the Geico ad, saying that you can’t feel your face, but I don’t find it very funny…sorry. I would love to know when that horrifying last picture was taken. How could you look in the mirror and be pleased with THAT?

  9. 9 M. Gale

    I think Joan looks fine from a distance. A long distance. I agree picture number 2 was nice. It is OK to grow old. Keep your weight down, dress appropriately, use sensible makeup, keep your hair groomed, and have surgery to look a little better. Don’t go overboard!!!!!

  10. 10 Bradley

    I saw Joan Rivers on the celebrity apprentice show last night and I swear to God if you did now know anything about her you would be certain she was wearing a mask. She has the most fake, plastic looking face I have ever seen. Its incredible anyone could do that to their face.

  11. 11 lulubelle1956

    I also saw her on celebrity apprentice–the woman cannot move any part of her face and appears to have difficulty talking due to her inability to move her lips. Too much botox or something. Her daughter should tell her “no more” but I am afraid the daughter may be on the same course. . . . Please stop Joan–you need a mobile mouth and a wrinkle or two at your age gives character!

  12. 12 bartlebey

    I must say, that at first yes she was normal looking, even more than moderatley attractive in pic 2, but seriously-why F*** with a good thing?