Cheetah Girl Adrienne Bailon wanted some attention, so she posted nude photos of herself online. Well, she was in the news for a few days. Yay. What I want to know is does she have breast implants? Her breasts look very round and bolted on. I’d bet anything that they are breast implants.

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12 Responses to “Are Adrienne Bailon’s breasts real?”  

  1. 1 Rachel

    No. It’s called a push-up bra. Mine look just like hers.

  2. 2 mytwocents

    Looks like a large half a grapefruit to me.

  3. 3 Sara

    Are you kidding me? It’s called a good bra. It doesn’t mean they’re fake. You guys are idiots.

  4. 4 Ashley

    Actually her boobs are not fake she has always had a larger chest even when she was in 3LW which she started in when she was in the 8th grade she has a big chest!

  5. 5 Dim

    She has hot boobs, who cares if they are fake (they aren’t). I certainly don’t care if they are fake or not.

  6. 6 Bob

    WOO HOO! Shes hot!

  7. 7 nono

    My god, not everything is fake! I can take two pictures of myself and they might look a little different. There is a difference b/t plastic surgery and a push up bra or plastic surgery and someone making a weird face. Lighting and angles make a big difference. There are really some stretches on this site.

  8. 8 cathy

    its called a push up bra

  9. 9 jilli

    my boobs look like that with a push up. i dont have big boobs but thats what push up bras can do for you. thats why i love them haha

  10. 10 Pouic

    I think you should meet more women before posting those articles : anyone knowing real women with real breasts can say this is just the way breasts look in a push-up bra…

  11. 11 Lanny

    I highly doubt they are fake.
    She is practically owned by Disney and while other plastic surgery is allowed, I really don’t think implants are.

  12. 12 mercy

    My boobs always look like that if I wear a good bra. That’s what they look like if u have the necessary support.