Why are Amanda Byne’s cheeks huge in recent pictures? First, I hope she didn’t pay money for it.

Her huge cheeks could be caused by cheek implants, an allergic reaction of some sort, or bulimia (sufferers of the disease have swollen cheeks due to constant vomiting). Whatever the reason, it is hopefully not permanent, because she is too young to be dipping into the Hollywood vat of unnecessary and awful plastic surgery.

Some fans have made jokes about the situation and suggested the Amanda is smuggling chestnuts in her cheeks just in time for the Christmas season.

Amanda Bynes

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42 Responses to “Why are Amanda Byne’s cheeks huge?”  

  1. 1 Susan

    I don’t think she’s had anything done. My kids used to watch The Amanda Show, and even when she was young, she seemed to have full cheeks. I think she just filled out more as her face matured.

  2. 2 Katy

    Or maybe she just had her wisdom teeth out.

  3. 3 mytwocents

    My cheeks looked like that after some dental surgery years ago. She looks more swollen than “full-cheeked” to me.

  4. 4 Linda

    I also have always thought she has chubby cheeks. If anything, it looks to me that as she has aged, her cheeks have slimmed out a bit. I’ve always agreed with awful plastic surgery, but today, I can’t.

  5. 5 sherry

    i agree with the other poster, amanda bynes always had very full cheeks… she looks the same to me

  6. 6 wendy

    She’s always had full & very cute cheeks. you need to just watch “what i like about you” to see it.
    it’s nice to see a young actress without an overly thin face !

  7. 7 wendy

    ps, i forgot to say, i love your website ! it’s my favorite ! :)

  8. 8 Nicole

    I never understand why people get cheek implants. I rather not make my face appear fuller. Her cheeks do appear bigger..maybe she did get them.

  9. 9 Kourtney

    Maybe it’s birth control. Doubt she had anything surgically done..

  10. 10 jennifer

    Her cheeks have always been big…jeesh. The better story here would be why her eyes are so dialated…

  11. 11 Melissa

    Maybe her wisdom teeth are coming in? My face swelled up like that when my top wsidoms came through.

  12. 12 Amy

    Um… she’s always had full cheeks. I hate her.

  13. 13 Amy

    In fact, in that picture, her cheeks actually look smaller than usual.

  14. 14 IKnowAll

    Clearly bulimic.

  15. 15 Arctic Monkey

    About the bulimia-thing. I’ve been struggling with it for the last ten years, and have never experienced swollen cheeks because of it..

  16. 16 Kitty

    My money is on dental surgery – she’s at that age where it’s common to have your wisdom teeth removed, and that type of swelling is typical after widsom tooth extraction, especially if they were impacted. Not every change in somone’s appearance is the result of plastic surgery!

  17. 17 OJsa Bum

    Foget the cheeks. In a recent magazine cover, she looked to be sporting a new bolt-on rack.

  18. 18 OJsa Bum

    She’s chanelling Tara Reid?

  19. 19 Jess

    she’s always had huge cheeks on a round face

  20. 20 hurleygurlie2388

    her cheeks have always been like that. always.

  21. 21 hurleygurlie2388

    RE:Comment by jennifer — December 11, 2008 at 7:17 pm
    if you look close it looks like the picture was taken somewhere dark. that’s probably why her eyes are dialated… why do people always have to assume the worst?! just because she’s not snorting coke or getting dui’s… maybe she’s actually a smart girl? : P

  22. 22 Jessica

    Maybe she has to take prednisone for some condition? I know it makes your face fatter.

  23. 23 Alyssa

    she’s always had the ‘cherub’ face. Good when you’re a child actor, not so good if you’re trying to get seriious roles

  24. 24 Misty

    Maybe she had her wisdom teeth removed. My cheeks were huge the next few days after they yanked mine out. Love your site, by the way.

  25. 25 mah

    I believe her cheeks are bigger, as well as her boobs. Let’s face it, she’s finally gained some weight and has curves now, so bulimia can be ruled out. She’s definitely not as thin as she used to be,but that’s great, I hate stick thin actresses.

  26. 26 Heather

    Well I had to be oral steroids because I have an autoimmune disorder and my cheeks were just as big if not bigger! I looked like a chimpmunk. Maybe she has to be on a small dose of steroids for a medical condition, which gives you that moon face. Some people are on steroids for their entire life.

  27. 27 Amanda

    I’m going to be next of many to say that her cheeks have always been full. I used to watch her as a young teen and have watched her movies (always been a fan) and can see no difference here. If anything, like a few others have stated, her face has filled out more as she’s matured.

  28. 28 Beckie

    love your site , but you’re wrong on this one . look back to her oldest tv appearances and pictures , she has alllllways had bigger cheeks , no work done there .

  29. 29 Jay

    She looks perfectly fine (except for the red-eye from the flash)

  30. 30 an

    Gimme a frickin’ break! EVERYBODY in Ho-llywood doesn’t get (or need) plastic surgery. Amanda Bynes looks perfectly fine and YOUTHFULl. Hell, how old is she–15? I’d like to see how the owner of this site looks (probably NEEDS plastic surgery).

  31. 31 Ella

    She just has naturally full cheeks. There is so much botched plastic surgery in Hollywood – why do you have to spin stories about blooming rosy-cheeked twenty-somethings just because they’re outside the realm of what is considered ‘normal’?

  32. 32 Truth

    Ella, compare pictures. You are crazy. There is something different about here and her cheeks. Get real.

  33. 33 Pam

    I don’t think it’s plastic surgery but something is not quite right. Her cheeks were prominent but not like that, it looks wrong. I saw her on a magazine cover recently and thought something was wrong. It reminds me of how the little girl in the movie Poltergeist looked when she got sick. I think she is on some kind of medication.

  34. 34 shalty

    I don’t know about her cheeks, but check out her lips in recent photos.

  35. 35 hautlipz

    People born with Type I diabetes can be quite thin with chubby cheeks. Actress Dana Hill (of European Vacation fame) suffered from diabetes and had a very thin body with a chubby face. I don’t think many people knew she had the disease until she died from it at age 32. Is it possible that Amanda Bynes also has diabetes?

  36. 36 ek

    I think it’s either because of the bulimia, or weight gain. Definitely natural cheeks though

  37. 37 Tori

    Amandas cheeks have always been like that…. i used to watch the Amanda show all of the time!

  38. 38 Javah

    She is a lovely girl with full cheeks. Stop looking for things that aren’t there.

  39. 39 Keith

    I just saw the cover of Cosmo this month at the newstand and I almost didn’t recognize her. Her cheeks are huge now and it looks unnatural.

  40. 40 Rose

    I was wondering why she looked so different to me lately! I saw her on the cover of Cosmopolitan a few months back after watching Hairspray and noticed that she looked very different. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but it’s definitely the cheeks. Maybe it’s a dental surgery. I have to get one in a little over a year and I was told that it’ll take about a month or more for the swelling to go down completely.

  41. 41 kitkat

    i love the amanda movies and so does my sister so stop saying things that are not true

  42. 42 kitkat

    anyone who says different is just unbeliveable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!