The Wacky Face of Linda Evans

I can only describe Linda Evans as wacky looking. She started out with gorgeous good looks, but seems to have tossed them out the window in her quest for eternal youth.

Linda Evans

It looks like Linda has changed her facial features rather drastically; her eyes have an almost almond shape, her nose appears wittled, plus her lips are larger than they have ever been in her public life. None of it makes her lok young; her physical appearance is overdone.

Linda Evans
Linda Evans
Linda Evans
In this photo, Joan Collins actually looks young that Linda, despite the decade age difference.

This a reportedly the most recent casual photo of Linda.
Linda Evans

Lara Flynn Boyle’s lip mystery

Over the past few months, many television viewers and pop culture followers have been puzzled by the strange appearance of actress Lara Flynn Boyle. Earlier this year, she appeared on long running drama, Law and Order, and viewers were startled by the change in her appearance; primarily her inflated lips scared them. The phrase trout pout was included in numerous emails sent to this site, asking that she be featured. Your wish, is my command.

Further investigation uncovered this photo.

lara flynn boyle

In my opinion, it seems that there is in implant in her upper lip and it is overly large. It does not flatter her face (perhaps it does in her mind). Lip implants are a hit and miss sort of plastic surgery. The majority of them I have seen look awful and generally result in trout pout.

Ursula Andress has a rubbery face

Many eons ago, Ursula Andress was a sexy Bond girl. Like many women who were gorgeous in their youth, she is attempting to stop time and failing miserably. What is the end result? A rubbery face that looks like a Halloween mask. Her eyes have the requisite overly pulled open look and her lips look stretched by either implant or injection; neither procedure roll back the years to a more youthful look.

ursula andress

Why are Amanda Byne’s cheeks huge?

Why are Amanda Byne’s cheeks huge in recent pictures? First, I hope she didn’t pay money for it.

Her huge cheeks could be caused by cheek implants, an allergic reaction of some sort, or bulimia (sufferers of the disease have swollen cheeks due to constant vomiting). Whatever the reason, it is hopefully not permanent, because she is too young to be dipping into the Hollywood vat of unnecessary and awful plastic surgery.

Some fans have made jokes about the situation and suggested the Amanda is smuggling chestnuts in her cheeks just in time for the Christmas season.

Amanda Bynes

Melanie Griffith – under the knife again?

For many years, I have believe Melanie Griffith to be a plastic surgery addict. A recent photo of her surfaced and her eyes have an odd tilt to them in the outer corners. She is smiling, however her eyes are pulled up too tightly. It gives her the Jocelyn Wildenstein cat eye look, which is frightening.

Also, her lips look larger now. I suspect she has lip implants. Also, it appears that she is lining her lips outside of her lipline which is unappealing.

The first photo is from the late 90s. If she had kept that particular look, at this time she would have looked still attractive.

melanie griffith

Britney Spears’ Lights Are Flashing

britney spears tits

Britney Spears is brandishing her very plastic looking breasts again. Is that a sign that the old Britney is coming back or is she just crazily trying to relive her teen lolita years? I think her breasts are awfully fake looking, they just never seem to have dropped into place. They also launched a million other bad boob jobs.

Here’s a word of social commentary of Britney. I’ve watched people with much less talent and much less money receive the appropriate help they need for their mental illness. Being in the public eye under the rabid intensity generated as an international superstar, seems to trigger inappropriately exhibitionist tendencies in Britney. She should be allowed to go home permanently to Louisiana to live a normal life; she’s laid the golden egg, in fact several of them, all parties involved her career have made their money back and then some.

Britney Spears expresses uncertain feelings about her chest size. In this article, she claims to hate their size. A lower profile life would put an end Britney’s seemingly endless need to inflate and cut her body to the size that she believes people will like.