Gary Oldman was married to this?

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Gary Oldman was married to this freakish looking woman (named Donia Fiorentino) with lips a big as breakfast sausages. Her main career is as a ‘personality’, which means that she is about as deep as Paris Hilton (her other claim to fame is dating the straight half of the 80s group Wham!). If she’s going for the Angelina Jolie look, well, she missed it by a mile. Her lips are so collagen filled, she has destroyed the cupid’s bow of her upper lip.

Is that Gwyneth Paltrow or a wax figure?

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I recently saw some new photos of Gwyneth Paltrow and thought,”Gee, she looks hard.”

Her skin looked waxen, slickly tight, and too smooth. When her mouth smiled, her eyes stayed transfixed; they did not smile with her.

I wouldn’t be shocked to learn that Gwyneth has been under the knife. Her face resembles that of a statue (unlined, even conveying expression). I also believe that she had something done to her eyes. Look at her eyes in the first photo on the left. Then look at the photo on the right. She has the same smile in both, but in the picture on right, the smile does not make it all the way up to her eyes (or forehead which appears immobile), which have less aging under them. Overall, her eyes look smaller which usually indicated that some sort of eye work has been done.

Latoya Jackson out and about

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The nice thing about the Jackson family is that they are always entertaining whether be via music, personal drama, or plastic surgery.

Latoya is the second oldest female child in the family and is only second to Michael when it comes to getting plastic surgery she does not need. Her nose has been wittled down to a nub. I have no idea of how she is keeping those glasses on. Glue, perhaps?

scary la toya

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