Laraine Newman unsuccessfully tries to stop time

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In the prior article on ex-SNL member Cheri Oteri, one posted suggested that Laraine Newman, another ex-SNL cast member looked unrecognizable. Naturally, I had to see for myself. I found recent and old photos of Laraine. It looks like she’d has had botox, which acts oddly in some users by broadening the features (i.e. her nose is wider). Most people remember her as delicate featured. Her lips look collagen injected, especially the top one.

Cheri Oteri Wins - Worst Plastic Surgery Ever For an ex-SNL cast member

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Cheri Oteri wins the ‘Worst Plastic Surgery Ever For An Ex-SNL Cast Member’ award. Her face looks like a Halloween mask that has been stretched. The pretty alert eyes she was known for are still there, but the area around them is basically unrecognizeable. It looks like she has had some sort of eye work to fix problems in that area. Her nose also looks smaller. It does look like she has had a facelift because her skin looks stretched a super shiny.

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