Oprah needs a better hair weave

Oprah needs a better hair weave. The tracks from her extensions were very visible today at the Obama inauguration. Why isn’t there enough hair to cover the tracks? She needs individual hair extensions added if there is not enough hair to cover hair tracks from other sewn in hairpieces.

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4 Responses to “Oprah needs a better hair weave”  

  1. 1 sparklfarkl

    it doesn’t matter how rich you are, a bad weave is the great equalizer.

  2. 2 jJ

    WHAT! Oprah’s not perfect!! Gayle King is gonna get ya!

  3. 3 mytwocents

    I wondered where she got all that hair from, but it looks good on her. I hope to hell she doesn’t start messing with her face either. She looks great the way she is.

  4. 4 Jason

    Thats not a weave. Its a wig. They pin on a full wig about a half inch back from her hairline, than comb some of her real hair in to match the wig. Its an old trick used for years.