Renee Zellweger - fake tatas a few years ago?

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I found this picture of Renee Zellweger from a few years ago. She looks very busty and at closer inspection her breasts look like protruding round circles. We know what that means, right? Most likely her breasts are fake! Even though it was during the era where she gained weight for a movie, she still didn’t have enough fat on her chest to cover the implants.

Amanda Lepore’s lips keep growing

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Amanda Lepore’s lips are still growing. Too much is apparently never enough for her. It looks as if the collagen was applied unevenly, because her cupid’s bow is very off center.

Puffy pout for UK star Patsy Kensit

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Most Americans would recognize Patsy Kensit as the love interest in Lethal Weapon 2, but in the UK she is best known as a sometime actress who likes to marry famous musicians (she’s been married to three - two were in bands Simple Minds and Oasis respectively). Anyway, it appears that she has fallen into the trout pout trap, which makes her lips look a bit like slugs on a corpse.

Pamela Anderson has stripper boobs

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Pamela Anderson was once a cute girl from rural Canada. After moving to the US and falling into the clutches of the entertainment industry, she began her transformation with breast implants. Now, it seems she has opted for the huge stripper sized implants, that have no natural hang. Perhaps it is some sort of midlife crisis after being diagnosed with a fatal disease, a failed tv series, and a failed marriage.

In 1999, Anderson admitted that she had taken out her breast implants and that one had imploded while inside her chest. The next year, she was seen with a new set of implants.

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