Plastic surgery freak Marijke Helwegen is a Dutch tv hostess and celebrity known for her extreme look in her native Holland. She gives American Hollywood professional party crasher Phoebe Price a real run for the money in the ‘I’ll cut you with my razor sharp cheeks’ category.

Marijke looks almost normal in the first picture, but then morphs into a freak with humongous bulging cheeks and a massive Muppet show lips. The last photo is the worst, because her face is pulled super tight.

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32 Responses to “Dutch plastic surgery freak, Marijke Helwegen”  

  1. 1 Unicorn Steve

    I like how in the last photo, the face of her skin is completely smooth and waxy, except for the old skin on her eyelids and around her mouth. I can imagine her saying “Nobody’s going to notice at all! Nobody…”

  2. 2 Jef

    We (Dutch audience) love her becase she doesn’t take herself seriously. Check this commercial:

  3. 3 Laura

    What’s up with that lip erection? Man, I am so tired of seeing huge fake lips! I have used Restalyne on my nasolabial folds and love it. The MD asked if I wanted her to plump up my lips a little and I said no friggin way, stay away from the lips! Filling in the NL folds restores a more youthful appearance but lip plumping changes the appearance altogether and I think it is as habit forming as crack as far as I can see with these celebs.

  4. 4 laura neville

    this is scarey! I can’t help but think that many of these people have Body Dysmorphic Disorder. Which might explain the continued perceptual distortion after they have procedures-and think that they look GOOD.

  5. 5 Arob

    We now her as the mummy.

  6. 6 Praline

    Hahaha! Marijke! Love her! Okay, she goes way too far with her surgeries, but she is a real sweet lady. She uses her ‘fame’ for animal protection and she is always really happy and positive.

  7. 7 jill

    She’s gorgeous in the first pic. The other two are scary

  8. 8 mytwocents

    Sometimes I’m at a loss for words.

  9. 9 S

    Yeah, real scary… and she’s probably gonna be very proud to be mentioned.

  10. 10 Loxodonta

    Comment from The Netherlands: Yep, she’s spooky allright….. But there is one thing that I think should be mentioned: she is the self proclaimed Dutch Ambassador of Plastic Surgery, also basically everyone in The Netherlands considers her to be just that. She’s very open and honest about all the procedures she’s had and is always willing to give people advice on diverse procedures. She even lets you touch her in order to know how breast implants feel for instance. So, although she’s gone completely over the top, she is of value to those who consider plastic surgery and wish to talk someone to ask practical questions that can only be answered by someone who’s had the procedure done.

  11. 11 Stella

    She looks like a caricature of her former self………

  12. 12 Lain

    I thought the Awful Plastic Surgery was originally the second photo, which pretty much already impressed me. Then I scroll down and I was astounded!

  13. 13 yarra

    she looks so pretty in the first picture,i don’t get it,why would she do something so horible to herself?plus,she looks like 70 in the last picture.bleah

  14. 14 JaJa

    Marijke is a darling. She is really a sweet and caring woman. She also is indeed very open on her surgeries. She doesn’t think no one will notice, she knows very well she takes surgery to the extreme. It’s part of her outrageous personality. She has a saying, which I will try to translate into English: Pout those lips, to the front with your tits (lipjes getuit, borstjes vooruit).

    Marijke is a fighter for animal rights. And although her looks suggest otherwise, she’s not afraid to get dirty doing so. She doesn’t mind cuddling a cow, even kissing it. And cleaning up the mess they make, even if she has to do it with her bare hand. She’s a champ, and her looks are what they are: only the outside.

  15. 15 S

    To everybody who believes she is a fighter for animal rights: how do you think they test the safety of all the stuff they use during and after her operations? Animal rights are not about cuddling cows.

  16. 16 Laura

    Sounds like she is a nice person who is an activist for animal rights. God bless her. I feel bad that I made those mean comments.

  17. 17 mytwocents

    But unfortunately JaJa, we’re judged first by our outward appearance. And all too often, in North America anyway, what you see…is what you get.

  18. 18 melanie

    marijke, je ziet er niet uit meid

  19. 19 Suzanne

    It’s the skin areound her nose-looks terrible. I keep thinking I want to get my nose shaved down, but I am so worried I will get hacked up like this.
    God, I hate cheek and chin implants! They are just so gross!

  20. 20 Iris

    Ze ziet er inderdaad niet uit maar verder vind ik haar wel leuk :) .

  21. 21 Leah

    Somehow I love her. I want to have martinis with her. Something about that super extreme look is almost more honest- they know it’s obvious, they know it’s ridiculous. It’s like a whole different aesthetic.

  22. 22 Juei

    I think she lookds pretty darn good next to the guest she has on her show in that video! LOL!

  23. 23 SpookCat

    good thing she loves cows cause now she sort of resembles one.
    I like your comment S. I agree with you.
    I am not afraid to make mean comments. I am an animal lover too but if I had money to spare I would not spend it on my face trying to look like a startled clown just to die in the end and be buried six feet under. I would spend it helping the animals whatever way I could. Just my two cents.

  24. 24 Canaduck

    I think it’s awesome that she’s into animal rights, but she is one freaky looking lady. Sorry. :(

  25. 25 Me

    She already had massive plastic surgery in the first picture. But on the inside she is a nice lady, always positive and happy.

  26. 26 Wilma

    She does got a great personality! She is so funny.

  27. 27 Tamiko

    I can’t imagine what one goes through, meeting people like this. Must be strange to have a “real” conversation with them, trying to act as though one were not talking to a freak. I don’t know how people can keep a straight face when interacting with people like this, who are obviously narcissistic and totally out of touch with reality.

    I am glad that she’s into animal activism; that’s her saving grace. Hopefully she uses cosmetics that aren’t tested on animals, because she’s obviously slathering loads of makeup on that horrifying canvas of hers.

  28. 28 Zoe

    Compelling personality, that one. She’s sweet alright, but utterly deranged. I once worked at an event she attended, and she can’t keep her head still – some procedure must have messed with the muscles in her neck.
    But hey, I prefer this to the millions who look just like her and claim to have had no surgery whatsoever.

  29. 29 Shan

    I can see some similarities…

  30. 30 Jeremy

    She looka like the undead. But that could of been the make up she was wearing. Not the most greatest photo of her. I just don’t get why celebrities over 35 feel the need to go under the knife.

  31. 31 Immigrant

    Erm, she makes a living out of her overuse of plastic surgery, yeah, that’s some great stuff Dutchies, something to be really proud of. Pot. Kettle. Black.

  32. 32 CtB

    she looks like Cesar Romero playing the Joker from the 1960s Batman Series