Many people consider Lindsay Lohan’s loved ones to be Hollywood’s trashiest family; there is no lack of ‘drama’ in that trailer park group. Now, it appears that the baby of the Lohan family has acquired a tiny set of bolt on boobs (I imagine she did not want the porn star sized set that Lindsay received in 2003).

I am suspicious of Ali’s breasts because the tops have a weird roundness to them. Although the space between her breasts is normal in length, her cleavage looks off as if two plastic circles are being pushed together.

I wonder if Ali will feel like it was all worth it if her career does not reach the dazzling heights of Lindsay’s.

ali lohan boob implants
ali lohan boob implants
ali lohan boob implants

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40 Responses to “Lindsay’s little sister has breast implants?”  

  1. 1 yggie

    She looks incredibly unhappy in those photos. Guess you can’t plastic surgery in the happiness. Sad.

  2. 2 tweety

    Thats sick, she is way too young, looks ridiculous

  3. 3 Andrea

    I have often thought of this, her boobs definitely look fake

  4. 4 Giulia

    No, I think it is just a matter of wrong bra. Look, she’s so happy for finally having bobies, she had to push the litte ones to the sky! She used to look like a troll, obviously now she is desperate to show her popped figure.

    P.S. I love your blog, I always suggest it to people who are meant to have a plastic surgery, they get scary!

  5. 5 mytwocents

    What a hard looking kid. She’s what…14 years old? I’m not even sure. But she could pass for a 40 year old. And yeah, those boobs look unnatural. And what’s up with the pursed lips in the second pic? Some people try way too hard to be something they’re clearly not. I’m sure she’s trying to be sexy and seductive with that pose, but she only looks like what she really is…a goofy kid trying to pretend she’s all grown up.

  6. 6 jane

    What the hell kind of face is that in the 2nd pic? Is she trying be sexy? I guess Dina’s gonna try her hardest to pimp out Ali but I think she’s fighting a losing battle. Ali has no talent, can’t sing and is nowhere near as pretty as her sister.

  7. 7 gorganzola

    “Lindsay Lohan’s loved ones”? A career of “dazzling heights”? You’re being far, far too generous to Lindsey Blohan. She’s trash like the rest of her family, and she had a mildly successful career as a teen, which she snorted away. Her fame is mostly based on her vag-flashing and DUI arrests.
    And Ali is a loathsome little rat by being a Lohan. She’s still young; her only hope to a decent life is to flee now to a Tibetan monastery.

  8. 8 Unicorn Steve

    Wikipedia says Ali’s 15. Creepy stuff…

    Reading her Wikipedia article is just kinda sad…

  9. 9 Ani

    It looks like she has a drag-queen boob-lift… meaning… one pushes their boobs up, usually uses a strong tape to hold them in place, and then put on a bra with tons of padding. I’ve seen a perfectly flat drag queen be able to wear a 34 C bra using that technique. The trick isn’t to fill the bra, but to have enough sticking up on the top to give the illusion of it. The skin around her underarms looks as if the breasts are being pushed to the moon. If you add the right shading and contouring with make-up, one can look even bustier. This doesn’t just apply to drag queens, but to models in general.

    Considering how much this kid wants to look like and be like her sister, and her sister’s love-hate relationship with implants, she may actually have sense enough to wait until her sister makes up her mind.

  10. 10 Meimei

    “No, I think it is just a matter of wrong bra.”

    I hope so, but it isn’t easy to get that kind of lift with a dress like that. Ugh. It’s ok for a 14-year old to add some “filler” (cutlets, anyone?), but the idea of one having actual implants…

  11. 11 Elle

    Um, this is sick. This CHILD has been sexualized by her greedy publicity hound mother, and now look at her trying to seduce the camera. It’s disgusting. And now implants? This is child abuse.

  12. 12 Alix

    Fake boobs, inflated lips. Child abuse. Poor girl.

  13. 13 yuk

    Those are definitely fake. Real breasts don’t do that when they are pushed up – you can clearly see the outlines of the implants. ANd what the hell kind of tan fuckery is that? It’s like she was wearing a very low cut long sleeved shirt and fake-tanned herself that way. Don’t her white hands give it all away? This is absolutely sick for a 15 yr old. But … now that her main cash cow is of age and out of her house, Dina’s gotta find a way to pimp out her kid as much as she can. Poor girl – just let a kid be a kid! The normal ones already have a hard enough time in this culture as it is!

  14. 14 SB123

    Looks like implants to me…shape for both is waaay toooo even. When you’ve been pregnant or are/have been nursing, at least one of the breasts is larger than the other simply because babies have a “favorite” they like to nurse off of and that breast is larger than the other one and that is a *permanent* “larger.”

    Anyway, women who’ve had implants installed *always* want to show them off with the low-cut thing going on. How boring.

  15. 15 Laura

    And it looks like she is trying to keep her dress from falling off those little ball like boobies

  16. 16 just sayin

    this is ridiculous, she’s like what 16? she’s probably just growing boobs idots!! And has anyone ever heard of a push up bra?

  17. 17 stickynose

    The second photo looks like a little girl preening in the mirror, trying to look “sexy” like Mommy.

  18. 18 missyfussy

    even if they are real (which I doubt) the whole outfit, pose, exposure of breast is so freakin inappropriate for her age.

  19. 19 kris

    what a shame for someone so young, she is only 14 or 15 and already she looks used, she just has that unkept dirty look to her what a shame

  20. 20 totally

    Geez, where is the outrage about these obviously posed for pictures that we saw for Miley Cyrus showing her back? What is this girl, 15? I think it’s time for Child Protective Services to step in and get her away from her pimp, I mean ‘mother.’

  21. 21 Meimei

    “Geez, where is the outrage about these obviously posed for pictures that we saw for Miley Cyrus showing her back?”
    My guess: Miley is supposed to be all nice and clean (lol), while this is what everyone expects from a Lohan…

  22. 22 worried mom

    Why are Hollywood moms exempt from a visit by CPS? That’s pretty sick to allow a fourteen year old to dress like that. She’s only fourteen and she looks jaded and sad.

    How sad. What a poor excuse for a mother.

  23. 23 km

    Also, if you look she has tan lines, which makes them look rounder and faker by comparison.

    Although she DEFINITELY got a nose job.

  24. 24 Jane

    I have a 14-yr-old and she would never, ever dress this way. We aren’t a family of prudes; this just isn’t appropriate for a high school freshman. None of the other kids her age go around like this, either.

  25. 25 Rachael

    I think it’s actually just shading. Using bronzing powder to create shadows works. I’ve tried it :] The reason I suspect this is that in the second picture the top of her breasts don’t look like baseballs, they look natural. This may also be the reason her neck looks so tan compared to the rest of her upper body. However, what escapes me is why she would have someone shade her boobs to look fake… Scandal material? To each their own I guess.

  26. 26 warhol 66

    Dina is a drug abusing PIMP. Someone near the family needs to drop a dime on her, that’s old school talk for calling child protective services agency.

  27. 27 Felicity

    You’ve totally missed her pumped up lips. She’s 15 and looks like a 40 year old alcoholic divorcee.

  28. 28 heidi

    14? are you freaking serious???? ps- get that baby out of the sun her moles are already outrageous

  29. 29 Fabby

    Even with a push up bra, natural breasts do not have a hard outline like that. What kind of immoral plastic surgeon gave a fifteen year old breast implants anyway? She’s not even done growing them in yet!!

  30. 30 Maja

    At least she looks good, and dont have hemorroide lips, lets give her some credit. There alot of trash on the red carpet and still some people like Crazy nadya wants to look like…….you see could be worst

  31. 31 hello all

    miley cyrus had a boob job too like Ali Lohan, she did not go for porn star size, but she def got some implants put in, and now all of a sudden at 16 she grew overnight, sure miley, stfu. you may grow a little more at 16, but not from virtually flat chested to C cup in a months time, however that kind of “growth” spurt seems to happen quite regularly in Hollywood at ALL ages.

  32. 32 Monet

    Ugly boobjobs but pretty face.

  33. 33 ndayy

    I don’t think she had a boobjob. Seriously, my boobs are the same size as hers, and when I wear a push-up bra that pushes them up that high, they really look like that. Give the girl a break, she’s just trying to work those boobies.

    Also, she’s probably sad because the paparazzi are in her face.

    p.s. I love her top.

  34. 34 engra

    Post by ‘hello all’. Breasts can actually suddenly grow a cup or two like that, but in every case I’ve been it happen, it has been due to the hormones in birth control pills. But I guess that brings up an equally ’shocking’ discussion.

  35. 35 cell block h

    to engra, birth control pills do make you “grow” so it would not suprise me that that dog faced MC boobs are bigger now, but i would not be suprised if she got implants too. And Ali Lohan is one homelylooking girl. she is certainly not hollywood beautiful either, and neither is MC.

  36. 36 lisa rossi

    At 18, she would be perfect to make adult movies. Then she and Lindsay can play together on the little screen

  37. 37 Vince

    Oh for the love of God….again with the Lohans? Look, it’s a matter of age and bra type. Her older sister would have had to of had surgeries every other month in order to keep in step with all the “expert” speculation on her breasts. Now it’s the teen sister. If people don’t like how she dresses, fine. If they don’t like the Lohan’s in general, fine also. But puh-leeze spare us all the baloney about their breasts.

  38. 38 Cindy

    Of course her breasts change their shape over time, she’s like 15. Get off her back! Ehm, SB123, I don’t think she’s had a baby…so her breasts could be even. I have two friends that had their boobs grow very, very fast. She’s trying so hard to look sexy because of celebrity gossip sites like this (well, maybe more because of the Perez Hilton type of site). And if her mom pushed her in to it (wouldn’t be surprised) it’s really awful. But it’s what’s expected of celebrities thase days and many kids actually dress like this (not saying that it’s right). Imagine if she was reading some of the nasty comments about her, alcoholic divorcee etc., don’t you think it’d make her more insecure? Give her a break, don’t say things you wouldn’t like to hear yourself.

  39. 39 Sam

    Lindsay and her little sister are both gorgeous… too bad about the crazy fake boobs and parents.

  40. 40 dude

    hollywood *facepalm*