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Khloe Kardashian is the sister of media whore celebutante Kim Kardashian. There is another sister and all three appear on a reality show about their ‘lives’ (I put quotes around it, because the whole show is fake.) Khloe is not as hot as the other two sisters prominently featured on the series, but seems to enjoy the celebrity process anyway, which means she seemingly overindulges in plastic surgery too. I genuinely think that the bridge of her nose is slimmer than it was when she first appeared in the media, especially because her eyes look further apart now.

(The Kardashians read this site – yup, their handlers email all the blogs – so ‘Hi there! If you don’t want to be on this site, then find employment outside of the “reality celebrity” field.’)

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77 Responses to “Khloe Kardashian Plastic Surgery – Is there a point?”  

  1. 1 Fred

    If she did have something done, she should ask her money back straight away.

  2. 2 dew

    Disagree, or at least hope you’re wrong. I think it’s the light-colored, shimmery makeup on the inner corners of her eyes that caused her eyes to look wider in the right photo. Because if she had nose work done, why is the lower portion of her nose still pretty thick, especially compared with other celebs.

  3. 3 Required

    Her nose looks very fake and has a weird shape.

  4. 4 Lain

    She looks exactly the same to me.

  5. 5 jane

    I have no idea why these people have a tv show. Is it because Bruce Jenner is their stepfather? He’s had a ton of work done himself, he looks like an old woman now, not good. The mother has had a bunch of work done too, so I guess the untalented daughters will follow suit. After seeing how these people turn out I would never have work done on my face, I’ll take a few wrinkles and age naturally, rather then end up looking like some kind of freak.

  6. 6 Suzanne

    Wow. Something is different? I cannot tell. She is really the unfortunate one in the looks department from that family. I think you could do a whole category on them, though, especially the step-dad, Bruce Jenner. He is freaky looking.
    Those eyelashes have to go, Khloe!

  7. 7 Liz

    That poor girl was definitely a good candidate for rhinoplasty. It doesn’t do much to help her looks, but I guess it’s better than an extreme, obvious nose job.

  8. 8 Jill

    Did she have a botched lip job, or are lips naturally uneven? She looks like she’s snarling because of the uneven upper lip.

  9. 9 mytwocents

    I don’t follow that “reality” stuff at all, so I’m not 100% certain…but is this the girl who gets compared to the former female wrestler Chynna, all the time? She looks a bit like her. Well, if she’s had plastic surgery it’s been very minimal. Other than the makeup is softer in the second pic, she really doesn’t look any different to me. You’d think if she had a nose job done that it would look a lot smaller than it does.

  10. 10 SB123

    *waves to the handlers*

    First of all Kloe’s face looks dented – either because of weight gain or fillers – not sure. imo, she has that “low-income look” as does Kourtney. Take either of them out of Calabasas and put them in Palmdale and they would fit in there just as well. Kim looks like she does porn and I think that’s how she got her start in celebrity: a sex tape and being photographed going into clubs with former BF Paris Hilton. Were it not for the media access they have because of Bruce Jenner or the association with Paris Hilton, none of them would register any attention other than the sort the trash get while waiting in line at WalMart: long fingernails (Press-Ons) with multi-colored nail “art” and jewelry studs, MAC Lipglass in Purr, ho-hoop earrings, implants on display, a message-tee with “I love Tyra!” on the front complete with velour cut-offs with “I luv Hef” on each bum, 4″ high rainbow-striped flip-flops, along with the inevitable LV bag…

    Basically, their looks are all purchased from a box, bottle, or medical office.

  11. 11 Linda Stevens

    Well, at least she is trying to improve her limited looks.

  12. 12 gorganzola

    whatever. i’m looking at these pictures and all i see is fat elvis.

  13. 13 Mamasita

    Yikes. Talk about unfortunate looking. If you are going to “fix” your nose then FIX it. Way too flat and piggy looking. Slim it down, build up the bridge.

  14. 14 Laura

    All those girls, including their mother, are a bunch of hoes.

  15. 15 Michelle

    Yep, nose does look different.
    But dude, what’s with the eyelashes? Now that’s offensive…

  16. 16 boxcuter

    I can see why she’s not on the show all that often…

  17. 17 frewt

    That’s an ugly, short, flat nose both before an after. She looks like a pugilist.

  18. 18 Katie

    “The Kardashians read this site – yup, their handlers email all the blogs – so ‘Hi there! If you don’t want to be on this site, then find employment outside of the “reality celebrity” field.’ ”

    Lol, that was too funny.

  19. 19 Dani

    Khloe isnt the only girl in the kardashian group to get something done, people have been speculating that kim has gotten stuff dont to her nose.

  20. 20 gia

    Her nose looked better before…wow, she is an ugly pig monster…I cant believe the amount of photoshop put into her PETA ad…Those poor people had their work cut out for them!

  21. 21 Monica

    I don’t think that the two pictures look that different – I don’t believe she has had anything done. Is it really necessary to be so mean. I don’t think that she is unattractive. What cold world we live in these days.

  22. 22 FDR

    WOOF! She needs to get off TV so she can blend in with normal ugly people.

  23. 23 Bunnie

    I actually liked her nose better in the before photo. And in fairness she is not ugly. The eyelashes are overdone, but she is still an attractive girl. I also liked her hair it’s natural dark brown. The lighter hair though fashionable, detracts from her looks in my opinion.

  24. 24 linsl

    i dont know why they get their faces done when they are suppose to be famous for their asses.
    they arent going to be facing the camera anyway.

    im trying to decide which is the better way to get famous.

    1. sex tape
    2. fat ass.
    3. 8 babies.
    4. all of the above.

  25. 25 heidi

    i honestly think she looks pretty natural… the snarl thing i think just happens, every pic i’ve seen of her is like that. she just looks like she’s lost a couple pounds. we have to admit: they’re super duper mega hot but ALL of the Kardashian girls have a tranny-slash-ogre vibe going on.

  26. 26 Jaynie

    must suck to be the ugly sister.

  27. 27 succotash

    Her nose looks the same in both pics except in the second it looks shaded with make-up. What happened back when this site had legitimately “bad” plastic surgery pics?

  28. 28 Tamiko

    Not much a surgeon can do with that. Personally I can’t see the difference.

  29. 29 Christina Bledsoe

    Of course she has a big nose, it goes with her enormous head. Aside from her lips, I think she looks ok. She’s not the hottest Kardashian sister, but it could be worse.

  30. 30 murr

    she looks like she has been hit in the face with something big like a shovel.
    trading an ugly natural nose for an equally ugly fake one… why? it doesn’t improve anything. she has this “nasty” (not as in “naughty”, but as in “snobby and mean”) look that i find very unattractive.

  31. 31 Sidra

    OK i definitely don’t see any surgery. Hollywood is all about thin noses and huge boobs but she has a soft nose and normal size chest…out of all the Kardashians, she seems the most natural to me.

  32. 32 Nuria

    That after doesn’t look very different. I’ve seen prettier noses on boxers.

  33. 33 Jon H

    Elvis lives!

  34. 34 Maegan

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who drew the similarity to The King (Elvis, for all you kiddies) and ALSO the King of Pop- in that she looks like a plastic surgery monster! It looks like they shaved her bridge down so that it has a slope.

  35. 35 TestT

    Horrible trashy chicks who lie alot about their plastic surgery addiction just look at their mother and step father!!

  36. 36 Clara

    Why didn’t she get a face transplant instead? Hozilla looks beat, in the Mikey Rourke way. Seriosly, is she a boxer? What’s up with that nose??
    I knew she was the least attractive sister but this is too much…MY EYES! =(

  37. 37 Carolyn

    Hideous looking. Her nose looks like a potato.

  38. 38 Fabby

    I have a hard time believing that this woman had plastic surgery on her nose, but didn’t bother to make her nose not look like a brick.

  39. 39 Restylane Lover

    Elvis was an attractive man so comparing her to the King isn’t necessarily an insult. Unless, I guess, you’re a woman.

  40. 40 MG

    I must be the oddball. I don’t think she has had any plastic surgery and I think she is pretty. She has an interesting face, nice features, and doesn’t look plastic like most Hollywood celebrities. I think if she read all of these comments she would think she needs plastic surgery. Everyone is pretty insulting. To me she is attractive.

  41. 41 Sarah

    The first thing I thought as well was, “Dang, she looks like Elvis now!”

    No matter what the poor girl does, she is just going to be fugly.

  42. 42 smiley

    blah .. all those sisters are fake & too overdone. lay off the makeup, girls

  43. 43 Star

    I don’t see any difference, except a bit more powder on the right, which will make things look smaller if you squint in a certain way, I suppose …

  44. 44 SB123

    Did any of these photos come from her arrest for DUI (which was televised on “Keeping…..”)?

  45. 45 Alison

    Please, someone, tell me why these girls are celebrities. No talent, average looks, no intellect, total self-absorption. I just don’t get it. Are they porn stars? Maybe that’s it.

  46. 46 jessee

    All the Kardashian girls are huge! This one looks like her face is made of clay, I bet their mother is so proud to have daughters who are famous for nothing more than being dumb and showing off their bodies. When will they realize real beauty does not have to be shown off by too small clothing, tons of make-up, and countless trips to a plastic surgeon. Look at women like Sophia Loren, Halle Berry, Grace Kelley, those are beautiful women. Any woman can look like the Kardashians, just put on 60 or so extra pounds, and sit on your bottom end for hours a day (to get the dreaded “secretary spread”.

  47. 47 Yup

    I think this whole website is hilarious. You alternately criticize someone for having plastic surgery and then criticize them for what they look like normally. Apparently, in your eyes, everyone is ugly all the time for every reason. If you’re overweight, you’ll never be pretty. If you have small boobs, get a boob job. But dont’ get a boob job! Those are ugly too. If you’re too thin, you look awful and emaciated. But don’t eat too much! If you look like you weigh the same amount as most women, we’ll just criticize you some more. Maybe we should just write an instruction guide on how people should look in order to please us.

    People usually get plastic surgery because they feel badly about themselves. Criticizing them to the point of it being merciless bashing just continues that trend. They feel bad, they try to “fix” what people tell them is broken, people tell them THAT looks bad too, they try to “fix” it again. And on and on. Yes, that isn’t ALWAYS the case, but it usually is. It’s a shame too that anyone women in the media who weighs an average amount is skewered so. If all these people were not sitting behind their comfortable anonymity I doubt very much they’d have the cheek to call these ladies “fat”. I’m not a fan of the Kardashians (I was sickened by the one episode of their show I saw) but it is their PERSONALITY that is the cause for concern. Not their appearance.

  48. 48 Lisa G

    Her nose looks exactly the same to me. No PS here, imo. Kudos for not giving a f— that the celebs you write about read your blog and complain, though! lol :D

  49. 49 me

    to the commentor above, umm you are talking about alot of ppl’s comments here, we each have our own thoughts, don’t confuse yourself that we must collectively think aliike. Also being a “celebrity” is a choice that is made by the individual, and being in the public eye…well it goes with the terrirory. ..if they didn’t like it they would chose another job.

  50. 50 Lisa West

    Unattractive! on any level!!! I also think she looks like Chynna poor thing. There is only so much plastic surgery can do with there is nothing much to work with. Tori Spelling is another example.

  51. 51 mimi

    I don’t really seeany difference between the 2 pics. Further, this is a pretty girl (wearing too much mascara!!!)

  52. 52 Me

    All you evil-sayers are just bored, jealous and mean! You should post your face and body for everyone to see and ridicule! Get an f*ing life! How ’bout fixing things in your life or bettering yourself instead of being so derogatory! You are the reason for Columbine, New York Immigration Center, etc. What if someone was calling your child a beast! Think about how you hurt people!!!! Chloe, if you are reading this…you are so beautiful!!!

  53. 53 Lydia

    Wow. I don’t understand how people can look at this woman and see anything but beauty! This site is about BAD plastic surgery. Yes, it looks like she had a minor nose job, but so what? Millions of people do that, and her nose looks good. She SO does not belong on this website. And to even think about calling her fat is outrageous! I would kill for her body! Yes, she’s taller than Kourtney and not starved like Kim. I say that makes her the hottest one of the bunch! I saw the episode where she did the PETA ad and was floored when Bruce told her she could stand to lose a few pounds. I’m sure that was scripted, but seriously! I was screaming at him through the TV. Where exactly could she lose it from? When a woman as beautiful as Khloe Kardashian has body image problems, what hope is there for us real women?

  54. 54 tami

    oh come on guys, so what she had a few gnarly pics taken….like im sure none of u have a few woofers hidden at the bottom of your shoeboxes. like really, id HATE to see what the fukk some of you damn people look like in real life….i could only imagine.

    i think khloe is gorgeous…kim looks like a horse, and if her personality (based on what i see on tv at least) is what makes her ugly in my eyes…kourtney i could care less about, but khloe is the cool down to earth one and my most favorite.

  55. 55 Z

    she looks like a pug

  56. 56 tara

    um. her nose doesnt look bad or different. she might have (take a seat if youre not already sitting) GAINED A FEW POUNDS! what a sin against humanity. she looks fine. i think the whole family is hot, especially the mom. sure, khloes makeup is a lil draggy, but draggy makeup is FUN. duh.

  57. 57 cyndi

    Honestly, she looks like she smells something bad. Could it be some bad plastic surgery? VERY unattractive & unfeminine nose…large & flat like a boxer. The final touch of perfection are lips that make her look like she’s snarling.

  58. 58 Marykate

    I personally like Khloe and find her attractive. I find all the Kardashian sisters to have extremely beautiful eyes, and I wish I would have eyes like them. I do think she has had a nose job since it looks like the bridge has been reduced. I personally would have slimmed the sides some as well, but in keeping with the proportions for her face, however that is my personal idea of attractiveness. (I will add that I am fixated on noses and have had a rhinoplasty myself.) I am guessing though she probably did not want to do that since she did not want it to be too obvious. I have not yet seen the PETA ad, the show featuring that shoot airs in a few days where I live, but I am excited to see it because of her. It is nice to have role models for your average sized woman, instead of all the too thin Hollywood types.

  59. 59 joan durtz

    She’s still fat and ugly. Now her and her stupid sisters can talk about their bad plastic surgery. I wonder if it was painful when Kim got her butt implants. She looks like she has a huge diaper on under her clothes most of the time.

  60. 60 Erin

    Khloe is beautiful, what the hell is wrong with all of you?

  61. 61 jackie lopez

    All you people that are saying mean and hurtful things, get a life she’s very beautiful and all of you are a bunch of haters… Out of the three sisters i think she’s the prettiest one. Those pics look the same no difference… get a life and stop making people feel bad!!!!!

  62. 62 yj

    god damn.. that is one FUGLY woman

  63. 63 yj

    i’ve seen pigs that look more attractive.. i wonder how much she is paying to be on TV..

  64. 64 G

    I personally believe that plastic surgery isn’t always the solution to “fix” things because there are times when the procedure can be botched.
    Plastic Surgery couldn’t fix that!

  65. 65 nicole

    I love that she looks lke a “real person” her face is not perfect and neither is her body. and you know what? she looks really cute and sexy anyway.

  66. 66 TrishTheDish

    Ya know what? That’s the “trick” of makeup – check the green shadow in the picture on the right. That’s what makes her eyes look farther apart than before. It’s an illusion.

  67. 67 Maria

    It’s hopeless case. There’s nothing she can do to look pretty. She’s AWFUL.

  68. 68 Francesca

    What a big meaty ugly face. Kim is the only good looking one.

  69. 69 Alicia

    How possible she’s so ugly and her sisters Khloe and Kim are so hot.

  70. 70 HF

    This girl’s just a beast. She’d be better off if someone just swung a shovel at that mug.

  71. 71 HF

    She looks like Jay Leno in drag.

  72. 72 Ramsey Franks

    Chloe is not in shape. You can plainly see her legs are flabby and not in very good shape. The fat looks like its just hiding, especially inside of her thighs. She can lose as much weight as she wants and still be rolled up with fat and flab. Poor thing…

  73. 73 Beautiful Girl

    Oh dear, she still looks like a donkey…and her new husband? Same. I’m afraid that their child will be born with hooves…

  74. 74 Ed

    I know I’m a year late, but how the hell did everyone miss the pointier chin in the more recent photo? If she’s had any work done, that’s it.

  75. 75 Kloe Kardashians COCK!!!!

    oh yeah and ive seen the other two sisters without make up…………have mercy….good thing the camera cant see through make up…….but id still hit both them bitches….paper bag over the face will work wonders…..well id better get back 2 masturbation…talk to u little fucks some other time

  76. 76 wowza

    wow everyone is so mean!! I’m not a fan of the Kardashians but damn people the shit you are saying is fucked up. Take a look at yourselves… a long hard look. SHADY BUSINESS.
    the world would be a better place if people could just say something NICE, and if not…don’t say it at all!

  77. 77 truth

    okaay, whoever is talking crap about them needs to shutup cause everyone has there flaws and im sure you do aswell.
    all three of them are gorgeous, and even though khloe is a bit bigger in size then the rest of her sisters, she’s still beautiful in her own way, and nothing can change that.
    and i agree with wowza, if you have nothing nice to say, do not say it at all.
    cause the kardashian sisters are out there making mad money off there stores and shows, and you idiots are sitting on the net talking bad about them cause there.. fat? ahah, get a life please .