Courtney Love has had far too many plastic surgery procedures on her face (would you know it was her if I didn’t say it was her?). Her face looks oddly plump, while her body is extremely thin; you can even see rolls of sagging skin on her back!

I wouldn’t be shocked if she got the body lift surgery next!

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22 Responses to “This is what too much plastic surgery does to a person!”  

  1. 1 Xenia

    The excess skin on her back is from losing too much weight too quickly, what, like a year or more ago? At that age, the skin just doesn’t snap back. Her face, on the other hand, could win a lawsuit against her for cruelty.

  2. 2 Jodi

    OMG! She looks like a Spitting Image puppet! Not even recognizable! She looks way too weird!

  3. 3 Bunnie

    ok.. the odd skin wrinkle/fold is rather.. ugly. I feel really bad for her. I think she is desperately unhappy, and has been since her husband died. All the Plastic surgery is a way to comfort herself. But dear lord she needs to stop. She looks like a caricature of herself. And How old is she now anyway?

  4. 4 Laura

    Courtney was pretty in her own way before going under the knife. It is sad to see her become a distortion of her former self.

  5. 5 casey

    i wouldn’t have a clue it was Ms Love. not a single freaking clue. wow. i LOVED her back in the day of Hole, and Nirvana. i loved her when she was getting in trouble everywhere. i loved her when she ‘cleaned’ up and started acting. but i’m just shocked at what she is doing these days. often i wonder if i would do stuff like this if i could afford it, since i’m 51 and have no money, but i don’t think i really would go through with it.

    wow. that’s all i can say.

  6. 6 ginny

    She looks like a mix of Madonna and Cher.

  7. 7 mr.ed

    I agree that she’s unidentifiable as Courtney Love. Considering how many miles are on her, she’s not doing so badly.

  8. 8 violet

    oh my GOD! i mean, i knew she looked bad, but she looks soooo bad in this picture. i honestly don’t want to know how many procedures she’s had. she’s a freak. i used to love her in hole, but now she’s just lost it. i feel bad for her daughter. what a role model. yuck.

  9. 9 TeeKay

    If you hadn’t identified this person as Courtney Love, I would never have guessed it was her. Amazing…

  10. 10 Suzanne

    No, I would believe it was her. She is getting weirder and weirder.

  11. 11 Nuria

    Wow, this really doesn’t look like her at all. And what line she’s got under her arm, what IS that? Reminds me of this old Carol Burnett rerun about a couple that always turned the lights off in the bedroom, and the wife said it was because of the “lines” she had running down her body LOL.

  12. 12 Tamiko

    Huh, I didn’t even know who this was for a minute. I kind of thought it was Cameron Diaz maybe.

  13. 13 kaedesmith

    That’s Courtney Love, seriously?! Wow, I definately wouldn’t have known!

  14. 14 ussi

    ..someone hand her a giant clothes..uh, sorry skin-pin, please..

  15. 15 Joan

    This is what happens when you try to correct previous plastic surgery mistakes. It never works and you can’t go back. Why do we even care? Does she actually perform anymore or is she just someone to fill news coverage space.

  16. 16 PaulWall

    Depressed after Kurt died? Count me among those who believe she had him killed. Anyway, apparently plastic surgery is her new addiction.

  17. 17 Yvonne

    Courtney Love looks so tired, busted and used up. She needs to crawl into some corner and die.

  18. 18 TestT

    She had lap-band surgery, as many other stars that are not obese have done, like Debora Messing and Nicole Ritchie had one done too…. always admired Miss Love for her talent but she appears to have never recovered from the untimely death of her
    husband Kurt Cobain.

  19. 19 MG

    There was a time when Courtney was very pretty. During one of her past incarnations she looked great. She should have just picked a look, and stuck with it. Any look would do. It is too confusing when people change so drastically from year to year.

  20. 20 Vince

    What does anyone expect from an ex-junkie/dry drunk? She’s abused her body for years…and if you’re not healthy, plastic surgery isn’t going to take to well. Frankly, if her husband wasn’t successful and died, no one would have heard of Courtney Love…..but she did show a hint of acting talent when she was clean & sober in some mystery/drama movie a few years back. As for now….send her to rehab.

  21. 21 dl

    My my my, celebs and plastic surgery.
    What an odd combination.
    Why do they all want to look the same????
    In what mirror are they looking?
    Do they even have a mirror?
    I do hope so .
    I hope that they will all go on till the rot sets in, what a bunch of crap.

  22. 22 Rose

    She was really beautiful in the Hole’s era!
    I thinks it’s very sad what she did with her body..
    such a waste!
    She didn’t needs of it anyways