Jessica Biel has been quoted as saying about Hollywood,”Your face and body can get you in the door.”

Apparently true in her case and in many others. In her recent photos, something about her has looked ‘off’ and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. I believe she’d had a good number of plastic surgeries since making a splash in the public eye. I’m guess that her lips (huge) , nose (thinner), cheeks (made her face wider), chin, and eyes (more almond shaped) have been operated on; I definitely remember her lips looking larger first and then all her other features slowly changed. But since she seemingly had all of that done at a young age, how will it all look as she ages? I believe the answer is becoming apparent; the facial ‘improvements’ acquired in youth, do not necessarily look good with age.

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28 Responses to “Jessica Biel – Gone Hollyweird”  

  1. 1 Holly

    I dunno if I agree on this one (except for the upper lip). I think her face just looks like she’s losing some of her baby fat and aging, ableit slightly, naturally

  2. 2 Good Mouring

    Sad thing is she was very pretty before having all that work done!

  3. 3 Jodi

    I’m sorry, but I just don’t see it this time. It looks like her lips are a little plumper, but other than that, she doesn’t look different to me. I think you’re reaching with this one.

  4. 4 Barbara

    I wish they would all stop. So many “stars” are not recognizable. Like, it looks like them, but not quite. There are very few who got lucky, like Barbara Walters–she looks great at her age, but most look plastic as in “plastic surgery”. I wish we could grow old gracefully–taking care of yourself not looking like a semi resemblence to your old self. I am constantly saying, “they did something” because something is just not right about their looks and you can’t make us believe, so and so is gorgeous when their PR people say so. So many of these celelbrities have been lucky and havet good agents and PR people plus mediocrity is acceptable.

  5. 5 Kelley

    Why in hell would she screw with her nose ? It was aleady perfect !! Looks like hell now … too small. Bad upper lip, too.

  6. 6 Michelle

    That “Before” picture on the bottom has got to be after she started to mess with her face. Her nose was much better before she started messing with it, now it’s too thin and has all these weird bumps, and why is she puffing up her lips? She needs bigger lips about as much as Angelina Jolie does, yuck.

  7. 7 Landy

    She looks the same in both pictures with the exception that her eyebrows are slightly thicker in the after picture.

  8. 8 Joan

    Other than possibly lip plumpage, maybe a little botox, and teeth veneers (which drastically change the structure of her mouth), I don’t think she’s had anything drastic done to her face. Her features are simply maturing. We watched her grow up on 7th Heaven, and now she’s a woman and the baby fat is gone. Also, the ‘tan’ skin tone in the second pic changes the planes of her face.

  9. 9 Alix

    Don’t forget the Hilary Duff-size veneers…

  10. 10 Mrs. Ferrer

    Why do some women want such big lips that look unnatural (and hemorrhoid like!) ??? I’ve always had big lips and was teased by kids in school. Now injections are the latest thing? That’s crazy.

  11. 11 Lilly

    I have to say that her lips, nose and cheeks do appear to look different, but nothing is changed with her chin nor with her eyes.
    Her eyes appear different just because she has mascara on one of the pix and not on the other, and her chin just looks different cuz of different lightining.

  12. 12 Homer

    As long as she leaves her ass alone, the rest is inconsequential.

  13. 13 guillermo

    She looks quite the same to me, maybe a little lip filler, but she looks beautiful, I think those small changes are only due to the pass of time and/or make-up, but not any operation.
    Anyway, I find your site hilarious and interesting, whoever you may be, you shoulve been a Doctor, I can see you have a very refined aesthetic vision…

  14. 14 Nuria

    I think she actually looks great in that last after. Having said that, she should stop there!

  15. 15 Chloe

    You seem to exaggerate it. I do believe she had some surgery, especially on lips and cheekbones. But not her eyes. They don’t appear to be different even in the slightest bit. Moreover, what surgery can make someone’s eyes shape more almond?

  16. 16 Sharon

    I don’t see her as looking badly. She looks fine to me. The only problem I have with her is the fact that her clthes are more boring than my grandma’s.

  17. 17 lola

    Are you serious??? There is no difference in the before and after photos, except maybe that she’s a few years older now. The only thing she’s probably had done is her lips. Everything else, literally, looks the same. You’re really stretching it here! “A wider face”??? Seriously??!!

  18. 18 k

    she looks the same!

  19. 19 tammy

    i think she looks hot. i dont see a diff with the before/after besides a tan, makeup, and maybe some weight loss in the after.

  20. 20 rachel

    She looks the same to me.

  21. 21 SB123

    To those who think she just had botox, lip filler, and veneers: Don’t forget the rhinoplasty. She should have let her nose alone. She probably wanted a more “sculpted” nose – possibly to look more elegant & refined, but the surgery was a failure, imo. Her nose is now too thin and the nostrils look too small in relation to the rest of her nose. I’m sure she regrets having it done.

  22. 22 mytwocents

    Her teeth and lips look hideous. The bridge of her nose definitely looks slimmer in the “after” pic. She was soooo pretty in those “before” pics. What a shame.

  23. 23 sparklfarkl

    by hollyweird standards not too bad…but those veneers are a bit too big. Any bigger and she’ll be able to eat corn through a picket fence.

  24. 24 Goodeye

    Does anyone have a true “before” picture of her? I agree that she’s had a lot of work done, but the “befores” here show her with her lips already inflated (just not as much), veneers, and what I believe is her first nose job. She definetely has cheek implants-cheeks don’t grow with age and hers have grown outward.

  25. 25 frewt

    I can only see a bit of lip augmentation although god knows why, her lips were beautiful to begin with

  26. 26 MG

    I can’t stand the lips on her. I do not find her attractive in any of the pictures. Very plain looking to me.

  27. 27 Jay

    She still looks better than 98% of the population. I bet she looks better than all of the above bloggers.

  28. 28 Romy

    Her nose looks verrrry much the result of rhinoplasty, and I have no idea why she plumped up her lips because they were already big. Too big, I think personally. The result of all this is that she just looks boring, no distinctive features just a collection of ‘perfected’ body parts.