More Joan Rivers

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Joan Rivers is an fixture, due to the massive amounts of plastic surgery she enjoys receiving on an apparently regular basis. Her favorite plastic surgery has to be rhinoplasty, because her nose looks melted.

Joanie could definitely be described as a plastic surgery addict, her face has changed tremendously over time. Would you have recognized her 1984 photo? Probably not.

Sissy Spacek is looking startled

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Sissy Spacek is a fine actress, who can pick her scripts. Unfortunately, she can’t pick a good plastic surgeon and now looks startled. Her eyes look hollowed out.

Rihanna Redux - Yes, they are fake

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Many people felt that Rihanna’s big cleavage was the result of a push up bra, when I first wrote about her breasts looking fake. After seeing this photo, I am even more convinced that she has breast implants. She has very full breasts, but in this skimpy, open in the front dress, they have no ‘hang’ when she stands straight up. They cannot be real.

Whitney Houston - I love my stripper breast implants

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By the looks of things, Whitney Houston loves her stripper breast implants. Otherwise, why would she wear a dress that shows off their fakeness so prominently? Rumor has it that Whitney had her face ‘refreshed’.

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