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Ok, here we have exhibit one, Tranny Spice, oops, I mean Scary Spice. Too much etching of the abs and excessive implants are the culprits in this sad case. I wonder how Eddie Murphy feels about his money paying for this?

scarp spice

In 1998, she had the best figure of all the Spice Girls and now tries hard to look like a shemale. I don’t get it, but definitely too much idle time and money are a dangerous thing for this woman.

Popularity: 11% [?]

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36 Responses to “TrannySpice”  

  1. 1 gorganzola

    Were it not for the caption, I’d have no idea these pictures were of the same person.

  2. 2 steve

    I bet a thousand people are going to say this, but Scary Spice indeed.

  3. 3 manda

    okay look a little manlike yeah.. but i’d pay for that body! dang girl work it out!

  4. 4 stefani

    I hate to see women with stomachs like this. so unfeminine. Tranny is right “That’s a Man Baby!”

  5. 5 Heather

    I actually like her abs. They look more ripped in this picture than most, but just imagine how much effort went into having a washboard stomach like that?! I do agree with you about the bad-looking implants though…

  6. 6 Yeah ru=ight ...

    Are you kiddin’ me? She looks great! Wish I had those abs!!

  7. 7 Julie

    She looks like a man. ICK!

  8. 8 Cheri

    What happened to her? She looked great on Dancing with the Stars.

  9. 9 Peuy

    I am surprised you did not mention it, but look her tatto has moved. Does it crawl around at night?

  10. 10 JL

    LaToya No.2

  11. 11 PN

    Actually Mel B is starring in a high energy burlesque show in Las Vegas and has already released a fitness video.

  12. 12 CK

    Ugh, her implants are sickening. Looks like she is going for the Geri Halliwell circa 2001 look, with the addition of water balloons tacked on her front.

  13. 13 Jodi

    The before picture is SO much better!!!

  14. 14 PaulWall

    Ick. Scary Spice is correct but since Eddie Murphy likes transvestites, she’s perfect…for him anyway. Cute once, beastly now.

  15. 15 Miss

    i dont think she did any etching, she’s a fitness fanatic and she is one of the few stars i have seen with natural looking implants.

  16. 16 Sonia

    What happens when you sleep with Eddie Murphy? You turn into him.

  17. 17 Mike

    Tranny Spice

  18. 18 sparklfarkl

    now she’s REALLY scary…

  19. 19 Noname

    Miss, if you call these natural looking implants you must be…I don’t know,….partially blind?

  20. 20 Renee

    “Natural looking implants”????? I don’t know anyone with natural boobs that look like those!

  21. 21 Kelly

    where’s your hips at girl?

  22. 22 JACKNASTY

    Well, we know Eddie’s into the shemales. Maybe she’s trying to win him back . . .

  23. 23 Jose

    well, didnt eddie murphy come out of the closet as bisexual recently? this is his dream woman, best of both worlds maybe

  24. 24 Janis

    Do you think the after photo was photoshopped? Because her hips have disappeared, one of the reasons she looks so mannish. She was already pretty ripped in the first photo, and had substantial hips.

  25. 25 Jennifer

    Eddie has never come out but yes, he loves trannies. I know from a good source that her friend who use to be the highest paid tranny hooker in LA during Eddie’s hey day. One day Eddie stopped by with a toy that he had hidden in a… very “obsure” place..needless to say he was turned away.

  26. 26 Persistent Cat

    Eddie Murphy is known for having a penchant for trannies. As a blog writer, you should know that.

  27. 27 Vince

    If she was going to sculpt her body like that, then she should have had the implants either altered or removed, because they look silly (like they do on most women body builders). She’s looked a hell of a lot better than this.

  28. 28 Joan

    Are you sure this is the same girl? There is no resemblence between the two pictures. Why do women think they have to have defined abs!!! What happened to staying fit while keeping your curves. If it is indeed her, she looked much better in the first picture and looks like a ‘tranny’ in the second. Not a good look.

  29. 29 Marie

    when my hubby saw that he asked me if the pic was of a man there’s trying to do a sex change! He was like: He put the fake boobs already.. now he’s gonna do what? take femine hormones, get a better wig and do the operation??

  30. 30 jon jon

    Well we all know Eddie Murphy like’s Trannies! She want her man back.. .so she gotta keep up the image

  31. 31 kate

    somebodys been taking more than her vitamins

  32. 32 huh?

    yeah…. how DID her tattoo move up higher?

  33. 33 Will

    Are you crazy? She looks steaming hot!!!!!!

  34. 34 Javah

    She’s still beautiful, but the hard stomach muscles make the breast implants more noticible. I like the fact that she’s not obsessed with thinness like her band mate Posh, and she’s going for an athletic, healthy look instead. She just needs to dial it back a notch.

  35. 35 Mark

    People, the after photo is what we call ‘photoshopped.’

  36. 36 Lars

    She looks fantastic with those implants and fit body. Get over it. All of you guys would want that if you could hit it. HOT!!!