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Plastic Surgeons Please Send Us Your Thoughts On Michael Jackson is looking for commentary from plastic surgeons on the different procedures performed on Michael Jackson as well as your thoughts on his mental suitability for getting procedures.  Please send an email to media *** a ** t @ and we’ll publish your comments and site link.

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Michael Jackson – the plastic surgery years

Michael Jackson died this week. The public will never forget his great songs and performances. They will also remember him as an odd fellow who changed dramatically over the years. First he had rhinoplasty. Then his lips became thinner. Next, his skin lightened, along with his chin changing shape. His nose kept changing shape and [...]

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R.I.P. Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson has died. He has frequently been mentioned on this site due to his numerous plastic surgeries. Reports say that he died of a heart attack and that when the paramedics came to get him, there were prescription bottles scattered everywhere. I have no doubt that given his many, many plastic surgeries that he [...]

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Would you change the face that got you a Vogue cover?

Would you change the face that got you a Vogue cover? Actress Sofia Milos did. Before becoming an actress, she modeled in Europe and was featured on a foreign edition Vogue cover. What did she do after quitting modeling for acting? She shaved down her nose, which looked fine in the first place. I think [...]

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Enough, Swoozie

1. Too tight face lift – check 2. Can’t make facial expressions – check 3. Outrageously fake breast implants – check You might remember Swoozie Kurtz from the tv show, Sisters, but not looking like a Spitting Image puppet.

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Disgraced pageant winner busts out

Below is Danielle Lloyd. She was once crowned Miss England before having her crown taken away in disgrace after it was discovered that she had been sleeping with one of the judges months prior to her winning the title. Classy, no? In a bid to stay in the press, Danielle has upgraded her naturally small [...]

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Audrina dumped by Chris Pine after he tires of her new larger implants

Audrina was dumped by Chris Pine after he tired of her new larger breast implants. No, just kidding. But really, Audrina has gotten larger implants, perhaps to boost her value in Hollywood. I don’t think anyone with big chest enhancements can be taken seriously as an actress.

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Awful Plastic Surgery Newsletter

Awful Plastic Surgery Newsletter What is new on the site? Plenty! Britney’s people sent in photos This used to be Angelina Jolie Huge implants look bad on skinny girls Britney’s chest has vanished Rhona Mitra – Yes, they’re fake When politicians go plastic Kisses from the Hungarian Monster [...]

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Britney's people sent in photos

Any press is good publicity over at the Britney Spears camp, so they sent in these photos of her performing in London recently. And yup, her chest looks padded! No more boob implants. Thanks courtesy of

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This used to be Angelina Jolie

This used to be Angelina Jolie.

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