What in the world happened to Lark Voorhees’ face? She looks utterly bizarre!

Lark Voorhees

Lark Voorhees

The eyes have it!

The eyes have it!

The unflattering makeup and hair color don’t help, but the bad eye job in inexcusable as is the rhinoplasty (look at how the shape of her nostrils changed). Bad, bad, bad work.

Medically, what can Lark do to fix her face? Send me your answers! She’s only 35 and should not have gotten an eye lift.

Discuss here.

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7 Responses to “Poor Lisa Turtle!”  

  1. 1 Cankles McCellulite

    FOMG!…Princess Fiona from Shrek

  2. 2 Cugel

    OMG! She looks like Oscar Bonavenna after he had a bout with Muhammad Ali!

    Seriously, that looks like a mug shot after she got into a domestic violence dispute and was beaten around the face.

    Except for the fact that she’s inexplicably smiling. If I had a face like that I wouldn’t be smiling!

  3. 3 trout pout hater

    God, i really really reallyyy hope that it was just a case of bad lighting and bad concealer (when black people put on a shade too light it makes us looks pasty), i cant believe she has gone the latoya jackson way when it comes to her looks.


    This is truly sad. She used to be stunning.

  5. 5 Craig

    She looks like Phil Hartman’s SNL character, Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer.

  6. 6 GratuitousViolets

    It looks like someone has taken a powder puff the size of a dinner plate and just whacked her in the face with it…seriously…if this is the work of a makeup artist, they need to go back to beauty school.

  7. 7 Eek.

    The saddest part of this story is that Lark used to be the prettiest of the girls on Saved By the Bell.