The Eyes of Kylie Minogue

Canthopexy is my new least favorite celebrity plastic surgery. This surgery tightens the under eye area and also lifts up the corners of the eyes. I just don’t like it, it leaves patients looking strange. Kylie Minogue is a great example.

Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue

I also don’t like the lip injections she’s had, they are not needed.

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20 Responses to “The Eyes of Kylie Minogue”  

  1. 1 dr tim

    hm, not a really good comparation, first pic is from 1980s when she was still a teenager and second one her being 40

  2. 2 Champ Burger

    I doubt Kylie has had any eye surgery. The upper lip, I agree. But the eyes – no. This same eye shape change occurs with age, as well. She is also wearing heavier eyeliner in your “after” photo.

  3. 3 Susan

    I don’t think she looks strange at all. I think she looks stunning.

  4. 4 Ranish

    I think Holly Madison has recently had this same surgery.

  5. 5 Jennifer

    I think she looks better in the after pic.

  6. 6 Melissa

    I agree, I think she looks great.

  7. 7 suzanne

    She doesn’t look like she used to at all. Her face is so botoxed. I hate to diss on her after the breast cancer though.

  8. 8 Mark

    Um, yeah, she’s hideous. Idiots. Kylie looks gorgeous. This is definitely not a case of bad plastic surgery at all.

  9. 9 kate

    she looks really good shame about the horses teeth though

  10. 10 frewt

    She hasn’t had a canthoplexy you idiot, canthoplexy is generally used in elderly patients for corrective purposes. Oh sorry, you don’t like people disagreeing with you do you – makes you look like the uneducated fool that you really are….

  11. 11 Aliro

    Okay seriously, I’m usually the first person to stand up and say, “Hey, you paid a truck load of money for a cosmetic surgery that makes you look awful!” But, really, I don’t see much if ANY different between the before and after photo with the exception of some wrinkles around the eyes. Seriously she just doesn’t look that different to me, the stuff you pointed out could actually be the result of some make up tricks that I myself know how to do.

  12. 12 Shay

    Really? These pictures were taken more than 20 years apart – she’s 40 now. I personally think she had a ton of botox amongst other things.

  13. 13 Count Blah

    I think she looks pretty, though not like herself. Definite cheek implants–Kylie has always suffered from horseface and now her cheeks are strangely plump, even more so than in that old “before” photo. Don’t see anything much different about her eyes or lips though.

  14. 14 bob

    her lips look exactly the same size in that pic, except she’s wearing lip gloss. sure she’s had work done, but your face naturally changes as you get older. sometimes you reach too far :/

  15. 15 JACKNASTY

    Considering her age and the breast cancer she looks fantastic. I think she actually looks better now than she did when she was younger – less horse faced. She doesn’t look particularly unnatural, either – maybe just a bit too botoxed. I don’t look at her and think, “plastic.” Which is more than you can say for virtually all stars her age.

  16. 16 snickers

    What about that faux English accent she’s been putting on for years?

  17. 17 MrJ

    I saw her this weekend in LA and I was surprised at her new face. She doesn’t look bad, just different. Quite a lot different. There was quite a lot of work done, but she doesn’t look tight. She doesn’t have a faux English accent…she is from Australia and quite a nice person.

  18. 18 B-dude

    I think she looks as good now as she ever did. She’s admitted to using botox and that she’s “tried everything,” but her main career is to make dance music, perform, and look gorgeous, so she did what she felt was needed to keep that going. A lot of women (like Nicole Kidman) just look hideous now, but Kylie looks great. I hope she doesn’t overdo it someday, but for now I think she’s all right.

  19. 19 Chryssy

    um she DOES have a faux brit accent. look at her early work (neighbors) then listen to her when she got older. she got bagged after she won an award and sounded like a bogan. she and her sister have had the same vocal coaching i think. shame she looks so fake. she’s a prime example of how a clebrity can be completely “created”. i’ve heard she’s a nice person, though – but no talent whatsoever … fake, fake, fake

  20. 20 M

    Good ole Kylie. Seems to be a very sexual being.