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Liz Hurley showed off her trout pout recently while also promoting a new line of organic food. Time to lay off the needle, love.
She’s been shooting up, so to speak, for years now.

Some want to look like their favorite celebrity, others, like Nileen Namita, want to look like historical figures. Nileen feels that she is the reincarnation of Eqyptian queen Nefertiti and has spent almost half a million dollars to look like her. She has changed everything about her face with rhinoplasty, face lifts, brow lifts, [...]

Wendy Williams before photo

Many of you were interested in knowing what gossipmonger/chat show host Wendy Williams looked like before surgery, so here it is! Her nose was larger in the nostril and wider in the bridge. The new nose is not an improvement, but if it makes her feel better, then great!

This is a good compilation of Lindsay Lohan pictures showing her age prematurely. Her situation is a great example of how poor nutrition, drugs, and badly done cosmetic procedures make a person look older.

Drew Barrymore resurfaces

I received a few emails about Drew Barrymore appearing on CNN and looking unrecognizable. I saw the new pictures of her and was stunned. She looks totally different. Her brow is higher and her eyes look rounder.

Awful Plastic Surgery has a new patron saint. Move over Jocelyn Wildenstein, meet Brenda Dickson. When you’ve mangled your face to the point of looking crosseyed, you win the crown!

Wendy Williams is a popular gossip columnist / talk show host. She is often described as a ‘hot mess’.  Some viewers have accused her of being biologically male. Recently, she has lost weight and added some huge stripper breast implants to her frame.