Male or female?

Male or female?

Above is Barry Manilow. He’s definitely sliding down that slippery slope of plastic surgery that feminizes. Talent guy, great musician, but definitely trying too hard to hang on to youth. Barry, it is okay to have wrinkles when you’re almost 70 years old!

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38 Responses to “Barry Manilow: Am I A Girl Or A Boy?”  

  1. 1 Miss Mezza

    Um well since Barry is GAY GAY GAY i don’t think looking feminine is a disadvantage. My guess is he wants to be the pretty twink, not the sugar daddy, so wrinkles very much matter to him.
    Australian celebrity Amanda Keller tells a funny story about meeting Barry which it might be unfair of me to tell here. I’m sure if you did a bit of Googling you’d be able to add up two and two.

  2. 2 Barbara

    Just when I thought he couldn’t get any uglier…..SURPRISE!!! LOL

  3. 3 Mike

    “Barry Manilow: Am I A Girl Or A Boy?” … I vote Muskrat

  4. 4 Pam
  5. 5 kathy

    He and Paul (below) look like they have the same surgeon!

  6. 6 Katie/lynn

    Leave Barry alone. He writes the songs the whole world sings. And you don’t.

  7. 7 Stephanie

    I agree with Pam.

  8. 8 Alexis


  9. 9 MG

    hHe’s been looking like that for a while now. I think he looks way too feminine but agree, that he probably wants to.

  10. 10 Erdtuentchen

    well… he never really had very masculine features in his face… but his looks now, combined with that hairdo that looks as gay birds built a nest… well… not my taste, but if he is happy with it…

  11. 11 Barack Obama

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  12. 12 Terry

    This is exactly what Ellen Degeneres will look like in 15 years.

  13. 13 helenwheels74

    He’s looking a bit disfigured here. I’m pretty sure that in 30 years or so, Clay Aiken will look exactly like Barry Manilow.

  14. 14 Q

    Hey miss Mezza, are you that same person on Wikipedia who keeps trying to alter Manilow’s entry to say he’s gay? I mean, he’s never actually said he’s gay.

  15. 15 DMGJ

    i think he (she it) is at least looking more human……used to look like a chipmunk.

  16. 16 Miss Mezza

    Nah, i’m not that big a fan to have even read Barry’s Wikipedia entry, plus i’d never ‘out’ anyone, that’s their own choice… or not. Doesn’t your Gaydar just go beserk with just one glance at this man, tho?

  17. 17 Holly

    He really needs to work on his make-up. Whatever he’s using is awful. It looks chalky.

  18. 18 Q

    No, it doesn’t. From what i remember of him he’s had several long time relationships with women, and this is with me not being a huge fan of him (my mother, otoh, LOVES him). Unless your gaydar goes off because he’s something of a gay icon, but if people like Lucy Lawless have taught us anything, being a gay icon doesn’t mean one is gay.

  19. 19 Marusya


    I thought I saw Ellen D for a moment. Phew! 0_o

  20. 20 Blackie

    Marusya–How funny, I glanced at him & thought he was Anne Heche (Ellen D’s ex-lover)!

  21. 21 Marusya

    That’s what they call deja vu, Blackie! :D *ROFL*

  22. 22 stella

    lol for a moment there I thought I was looking at Clay Aiken on crack

  23. 23 Jake

    I did not realize that Barry was gay. Oh well. At least he doesn’t look like Adam Lambert!

  24. 24 Tim

    Is that Clay Aiken’s dad?!?!

  25. 25 dogface

    He wasn’t bad-looking or anything in the seventies. He very well could’ve aged gracefully if he let himself. :/

  26. 26 Neely O'Hara

    Uh-oh! Soon the crazy Fanilows will be here in force, insisting that their Barry is a “droolworthy megasexgod.” Some actually believe that the man you see here is very virile, and that he and his big, Brit “secret wife” make babies faster than Brangelina.

  27. 27 Maggie May

    I agree that he doesn’t look “natural”. I think he looks as if he’s been or is ill. Don’t care if he’s gay or not – I think he’s talented and I like his music, but not a steady dose of it.

  28. 28 sasha

    a rod stewart/helen degenerate hybrid

  29. 29 Sharon D

    I don’t think he looks female at all – it’s just very sad that people close to him don’t give him a reality check and tell him to stop with the procedures.I also don’t get why his sexuality matters in regard to having plastic surgery! The majorityof these comments are pointless. The man is talented – obviously vain – but talented.

  30. 30 Jacknasty

    Harry Maniblow has been looking more surgical than Cher for the better part of a decade.

  31. 31 Fan

    Older version of Clay Aiken.

  32. 32 kerry

    I have no trouble with gay men who like to remain boyish.Its ok to have a touch of fem.He’s no looker no matter what he does.Like his music though.

  33. 33 Penny

    How mean can you guys get. Anyway, I’m more concerned with his obvious weight loss. I hope he is not ill.

  34. 34 animatedlisa

    Give me the Barry Manilow of the late 80s – early 90s, when he wore Versace, had terrific hair and was at the epitome of his career (even though the 70s were his decade too). This man now looks like a ghoul. It’s a shame he’s so vain – who is he trying impress with the botched plastic surgery? And like another poster said, yes he is so gay but refuses to come out of the closet. He could be a role model for lots of people but he chooses to make negative remarks about homosexuals with no repercussions. And I’m sorry, Barry, this fan of yours from 1975 is really disappointed in the countless re-re-releases of your greatest hiits CDs.

  35. 35 Dy

    It’s so sad when men choose to have that angular masculine look changed. I so love that look. Barry looks like a woman, now. It’s so sad. :(

  36. 36 Tamiko

    He really looks geriatric, kind of like an old monkey with a bad wig and way too much makeup! I loved him in his heyday, what a showstopper he was.

  37. 37 TJ

    I thought he was kind of handsome in the 70s/80s. Too bad he destroyed his face with so much surgery. It doesn’t even look like him. He looks more like a bad celebrity impersonator.

  38. 38 tanya

    Poor, poor Barry! I loved him so much in 70-80. Now when his some time handsome face changed, I’m glad that his VOICE is still the same.