Former Miss Argentina Dies From Botched Gluteoplasty

1994 Miss Argentina Solange Magnano died recently from a botched gluteoplasty (butt implant surgery). It is procedure done on an outpatient basis and most patients go home after 4 to 6 hours. In this case, extra fluid flooded the beauty queen’s brains and lungs and she died after being rushed to a local hospital. She leave behind two children. The final cause of death was determined to be pulmonary embolism.

Magnano was a former runway model. I suspect she naturally had low body fat and felt that butt augmentation would be a great way to enhance her figure. Normally implants or fat from another body area is used, but in her case, she had PMMA plastic injected into her buttocks. PMMA plastic is typically used on the face. In her case, the substance somehow traveled from the muscles where it is injected to her bloodstream causing her to die.

Solange in 1994

Solange in 1994

Solange in 2009

Solange in 2009

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December 2, 2009 · The Staff · 338 Comments
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338 Responses

  1. Pam - December 2, 2009

    How disgustingly sad. This woman didn’t need to be augmented in any way. Now, two children are left without a mother and for what???????

    Why would anyone want plastic implanted in their butt???????

  2. MG - December 2, 2009

    Very sad. There is always a risk during any surgery. Too bad she felt this was necessary.

  3. Stephanie - December 2, 2009

    Sad story, really dumb surgery.

  4. Paul Wall - December 2, 2009

    Easily the stupidest way to die EVER! Assuming she goes to Heaven, I can imagine the exchange between her and Saint Peter: “Excuse me, I don’t think I heard that right. Cause of death was WHAT?” “Joo know; the t’ing to make-a joo ass beeger! Joo know joo like eet!”

  5. Anais - December 2, 2009

    This tragic story just goes to show that plastic surgery is SURGERY and has risks as does any other surgery. Very sad, as this woman was already beautiful and the mother of two who are now motherless.
    I think Paul Wall (above) needs an intensive class in cultural sensitivity, of which he has none.

  6. Barbara - December 2, 2009

    What a waste! I feel for her 2 kids.
    As for Paul Wall – what did he do wrong? Talk with an accent? Many comedians, commentaters, etc do that….people aren’t different? People don’t speak with accentst?…..this politically correct idiocy is ridiculous. Look what happened at Ft Hood because of political correctness…..many are dead because many were afraid to speak up…..worried about being “politically correct/culturally sensitive.”

  7. Wayne - December 2, 2009

    What an idiot. This plastic surgery craze is out of control.

  8. Stephanie - December 2, 2009

    Barbara – you are comparing two entirely different things and you know it. What Paul Wall stated in his post was rude and insensitive. We don’t know what happened at Ft. Hood.

  9. kat - December 2, 2009

    tragic :(

  10. Barbara - December 2, 2009

    People were killed by that fanatic who shocked his colleagues & fellow soldiers with his outrageous behavior well before he went beserk.
    Do we know what happened on 9/11? Yes – by the same motley crew – Americans, among others, were killed.

  11. suzanne - December 2, 2009

    Paul, seriously, that was not called for. APS, you should pull that post.
    In any case, South American culture is obsessed with perfect looking women. It is ludricrous how many plastic surgery chop shops are in every country down there and obviuosly, not up to USA standards.
    It is sad Solange thought she needed something done to her-her body was gorgeous and now 2 small children have no mother.

  12. andrew - December 2, 2009

    OH MY GOD!!! I’M FROM CANADA AND YOU PEOPLE NEED TO CHILL OUT LIKE WE DO. This is tragic, but EVERYONE has a right to speak their mind and that’s why this is a PUBLIC forum. WHY ARE YOU ALL ATTACKING ONE ANOTHER? FORT HOOD — REALLY?! This is supposed to be a funny website about Plastic Surgery. Chill out everyone, get a sense of humor. Geez no wonder the world is in the state it’s in. I’ll expect the Haterade in 5,4,3,2…

  13. mamallama - December 2, 2009

    I hate to speak ill of the dead, but I wouldn’t call her extraordinarily beautiful. Maybe in Argentina, but buck teeth won’t win you any beauty contests in the U.S.

  14. Lola Granola - December 2, 2009

    Plastic butts aren’t sexy. And they’re certainly not worth dying for. Very sad!

  15. CK - December 2, 2009

    She had a gorgeous body. Too bad she wasn’t happy with it.

  16. Bambi - December 2, 2009

    What a way to go! Why am I reading about Fort Hood, especially in the context of “all muslims are terrorists” on a plastic surgery website?

  17. Sunshine - December 2, 2009

    I must say after viewing her photo from 1994 and comparing to her 2009 photo, it is obvious she had lots of surgical procedures.
    She was much heavier in her pageant days, healthy I would say. The 2009 photo shows a woman that had not aged naturally, and was much thinner.
    And you politically correct folks do need to relax. She made a bad choice and now leaves 2 children without a surgically enhanced mother to care for them.

  18. plastic - December 2, 2009

    That would be some pretty awful plastic surgery, and man I love how on youtube or any ridiculous website how the dialogue automatically deteriorates to such a degree. I honestly believe that people search online all day planning to offend and pick fights with equally idiotic people who are willing to respond to them. Its not as though I have anything better to do either :P Oh yeah this website is awesome!!!

  19. Brooke - December 3, 2009

    I love how Barbara actually brought 9/11 into a thread about butt surgery. As for the woman who died… this reminds me of a very sad story a few years back when a man’s wife decided to get lip on her thighs and she died on the table, with the man sobbing and saying “She was beautiful as she was, I told her she didn’t need the surgery…” Insecurity kills. I feel so sorry for the family she left behind.

  20. Brooke - December 3, 2009

    Lipo that is, not “lip”… sorry for the typo

  21. le - December 3, 2009

    you don’t always read in the news about people who die from plastic surgery.. it’s so unfortunate.

  22. Barbara - December 3, 2009

    I never said “all muslims are terrorists”…..The ones in this thread saying that REALLY must feel that way & are prejudiced.. Are you the internet police and why are you allowed to post something – then when someone else posts something – he/she is questioned? Get real……get a life.
    Your denial is not going to change history………Please don’t read my posts if you can’t handle the truth.

  23. Celle - December 3, 2009

    What a tragedy and two young children must now face the consequences. So sad. My comment does not refer to the deceased but to all plastic surgery addicts. This whole plastic surgery nonsense is getting out of control and I am personally tired of seeing these artificially created bodies…the overly-thin, obviously plastic nose, the trout pout ( how can anyone want to kiss that?) the ridiculous flotation device breasts and the range of other procedures. Look folks it is time to tell these people…you look stupid, artificial, unattractive, unsexy and are just a total turn off ewwwww. Invest your money in some books or charity work and build your inner self. It serves you much longer and you don’t look like a freaking, distorted, plasticized monster.

  24. Pam - December 3, 2009

    Barbara just tried to make the point of how political correctness does more harm than good for society and I totally agree with her. As for Paul’s comment, we all do our share of snarking on people on this site. it’s because a lot of them are stupid and have needless plastic surgeries due to their own vanity. These procedures just make them in most cases look worse. This woman is Argentinian and did speak with an accent. Why is it wrong for Paul to point that out. If that is wrong, all our comments are wrong. This is a free society (for now) and we have a right a free speech. To stifle one means all must be stifled.

  25. Lord Xendria - December 3, 2009

    I don’t see anyone as being culturally insensitive. But I did think what they said -period- wasn’t right, as the guy was making a joke at her death’s expense. And Barbara, I think the truth you’re finding is right up your anal port, where your head seems to also be.

  26. Barbara - December 3, 2009

    Xendria – your lovely comment says more about you than me. Can’t change history. Can’t hide the truth either. I will be relaxing on an island in a couple of days – enjoying life & drinking exotic drinks with little umbrellas. I am sure you will continue your charming ways – I hope you are happy and content & I wish you the best of everything in 2010.
    “Happiness is a choice.”

  27. Patrice - December 3, 2009

    This is tragic, but man, what an embarrasing way to die. Imagine the kids father having to explain thier mother’s cause of death to them someday?

  28. Tokiii - December 3, 2009

    I’m sorry, but anyone vain enough and stupid enough to have this type of surgery gets ZERO sympathy from me. I feel sorry for the kids, not her.

  29. somuchstupidity - December 3, 2009

    Barbara, you are a terrible and selfish human being, and i’m happy i’ll never meet you.

  30. Pickle Juice - December 3, 2009

    I guess she thought it couldn’t hurt since her breast implants were a success.

  31. sasha - December 3, 2009

    Ok, here’s my take on this: A tragedy, although shooting liquid plastic into your glutes is a bad idea. From the photo posted of Solange as Miss Argentina, it appears that she had a slender, slightly pear shaped figure. This is sexy when you’re very young and your skin is still resilient. As you age and have children, the pear butt droops down around your knees and your boobs deflate. Ergo, the implants and the butt disaster. She was trying to plump up what had deflated. I would also disagree that she had very low body fat in that photo. Lipos were probably a part of her life. She had one surgery too many, and it was the finale. PS I agree with the blogger who says her teeth are horsey; the photo is not all that impressive. But look at Julia Roberts, whose horse smile made her millions. One man’s ceiling is another man’s floor. Sad that this woman died but plastic surgery deaths/disasters/disfigurements are not as uncommon as people think.

  32. Malik Al-Killah - December 3, 2009

    hehe, these yanks… always eager to display their astounding ignorance. Modern version of “The Last days of Rome”.

  33. January - December 3, 2009

    What a way to die!

  34. John Barrow - December 3, 2009

    I’m surprised if this was PMMA. PMMA is tiny flecs of plastic, which cause connective tissue to grow, and make butts bigger. I’ve not heard of it traveling in the blood. This is seen relatively often with silicone injections, which are liquid, and if it enters the blood, a problem.

  35. miss lisa - December 3, 2009

    I thought Paul Wall’s comment was hilarious!
    We’re all on a website that makes fun of people’s looks, for God’s sake, and somebody’s mad about making fun of an accent?

  36. Ani - December 3, 2009

    That’s such a shame. As others have said, any surgery carries risks, especially when things are being implanted into the body. Many countries don’t have the rigorous standards that we have here. Sure our surgery is more expensive, but it’s most likely a lot safer. The price we pay for “perfect looks” I guess :-(

  37. -_- - December 3, 2009

    I’m still waiting for a butt brain joke.

    She was really cute -94, I wish that kind of body was still trendy. Although she could have had a better posture. Anyway, let’s hope Solange serves as an example of why one shouldn’t just jump on the surgery table without giving it any extra thought. Dying of your butt liquids ending up your brain and liquids? Now that sounds pleasent.

  38. -_- - December 3, 2009

    Gosh, can’t write today. Ment to say “Dying of your butt liquids ending up IN your brain and LUNGS?

  39. Paul Wall - December 4, 2009

    Wow, I seem to have made an impact. I’m Latino, so I don’t know that I was being culturally offensive by making a joke with the accent especially when you haven’t heard mine (pretty close to Bugs Bunny). Have you considered that maybe she DID have an accent like that? The only gripe you could say is legit, is her “maybe” going to Heaven as I don’t know what kind of person she was albeit vain. Also when you plump up your ass with chemicals (Couldn’t she just eat more? More rice and beans would work wonders.), you have to expect some derision from the populace even if I do think it was a stupid way to die and do feel bad for her and her family. They should sue the balls off that doctor. Aside: Patrice; the father could just leave cause of death of “complications of corrective surgery.” There’s no need to truly embarrass them.

  40. Missy - December 4, 2009

    What a sad story. How sad for her children, my thoughts go out to them.

  41. Dy - December 4, 2009

    That is so senseless and awful. I feel for her family.

  42. IKnowItAll - December 5, 2009

    Paul was spot-on. Having something done to your face, okay I can kind of see that. Breast implants? Less relevant, but sure. But butt implants? If you are stupid enough as an EX beauty-queen-and-runway-model to think that sitting on silicone is truly important, you deserve what you get.
    Paul Wall, you made me LOL!

  43. Joan - December 5, 2009

    Are the two pictures of the same girl? Sure don’t look it. In the ’94 one she’s very curvy, almost hefty, especially through hips & thighs. In ’09 she’s very slender. Also, lots of facial plastic surgery in ’09 pic.

  44. Kelly - December 5, 2009

    not to sound catty but she is not that attractive. how the heck did she win? also she is a (was) a HUGE fool. I feel bad for the ones she left behind. especially after the way she died. fool. maybe there is something wrong with me but I don’t feel sad for fools, only the ones they leave behind.

  45. Kelly - December 5, 2009

    ps Paul’s comment was totally hilarious!!!!!!

  46. Jake - December 5, 2009

    I’m sad to hear this story about Solange. Although she had plastic surgery she looks great afterwards. Now why did she have to go and get butt implants? The life of another beautiful woman is cut short. When will people realzie that if you want bigger butt cheeks then go sit on your butt all day. :)

  47. Mike - December 8, 2009

    She might have been the first person to die trying to INCREASE the size of her ass … too bad she made this terrible choice

  48. redhatsociety - January 29, 2010

    Joan its a 15 year difference, are you actually surprised that her body looks different

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