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Was Brittany Murphy addicted to painkillers due to plastic surgery?

Was Brittany Murphy addicted to painkillers due to plastic surgery? Two powerful painkillers, hydrocodone and vicoprofen, were among the pills found in her home. Rumors are circulating that she became addicted to painkillers following plastic surgery. I do believe that Brittany had plastic surgery on her nose and breasts. Her breasts did appear larger in [...]

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Did Kris Williams get a boob job?

Did reality tv star Kris Williams get a boob job? One fan thinks so.

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Brittany Murphy dies

Brittany Murphy, featured on this site twice, died today from an episode of cardiac arrest. She was 32 years old. For at least the past six years, she seemed to struggle with body image and there were serious rumors of her abusing all sorts of drugs ranging from meth to heroin. Lindsay Lohan, who suffers [...]

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Catherine Zeta Jones’ new melons

Catherine Zeta Jones has something to be peeved about today, because I’m writing about her store bought bosoms, which I don’t like. Her breasts are too far apart for her to wear a dress like the one below and have people think they are real. It is very obvious her breasts are implants, because they [...]

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Playboy Model Bolt Ons

Doris Mar was the unlucky beneficiary of some very large implants. She has tiny proportions and should have gotten smaller accessories. But alas, the gigantic breasts did garner her a Playboy cover (artfully airbrushed, of course).

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The Worst Socialite Boob Job

Amy Lumet is the clear winner in the ‘Worst Socialite Boob Job’ category. (Her dad is famous director Sidney Lumet and her grandmother is legendary singer Lena Horne.) My verdict? Her implants are too large for her frame and too high up on her ribcage. She likely went to a doctor who gave her the [...]

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What's New In Celebrity Plastic Surgery?

What’s New In Celebrity Plastic Surgery? Plenty and we have it all for you! Tom Berenger looks bad! Tiger Woods’ other mistress Holly Sampson – yup, he likes plastic Playboy Playmate continues on the trout pout train Pete Burns scaring people everywhere Megan Fox in 20 years Her face is [...]

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Tom Berenger looks bad!

Actor Tom Berenger is aging pretty badly. He has what looks like cheek implants (how many 59 year olds do you know with plump cheeks?) and had no wrinkles, which is also odd (do I detect a facelift?). Overall, his face reminds me of Mickey Rourke’s.

December 9, 2009 · The Staff · 1,367 Comments
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Tiger Woods’ other mistress Holly Sampson

Another of Tiger Woods’ mistresses has been revealed and like Rachel Uchitel, she likes plastic surgery. Meet adult star Holly Sampson, who has fake boobs (not bad) and rhinoplasty. She’s quite cute in her before photo, not sure why she opted for the alterations.

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Awful Plastic Surgery Update

What’s new at Awful Plastic Surgery? Plenty!! Read all about it! Playboy Playmate continues on the trout pout train Her breasts look like baseballs Get A Free Laptop! Former Miss Argentina Dies From Botched Gluteoplasty Trout pout ensnares 80s singer Olivia Newton-John Tiger Wood’s other woman has trout pout [...]

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