Brittany Murphy on the set of her last film Abandoned

Brittany Murphy on the set of her last film Abandoned

As mentioned before, it has been rumored that Brittany Murphy became addicted to opiates via plastic surgery. Many photos of her show her with very tiny pupils. One commenter experienced in addiction made this remark:

In all of these photos, even the ones in low lighting, Brittany’s eyes are what is known in drug vernacular as “pinned up.” If you look closely, her pupils are unnaturally tiny in each of these photos. It’s a sure sign of being under a strong opiate influence. And no folks, it’s not from the flashbulb! You can check many other celebrity photos and they have normal size pupils. In some cases, under the influence of “speedy” drugs (coke, meth) the pupils will be dilated.

Another commenter writes:

I used to be involved in the drug scene, and to me this woman always looked like she was high on something. Her eyes had that vacant, hollow stare of a drug addict that I know all too well. I am not surprised that she died because I always thought that she was a serious drug addict. No matter how much makeup or styling she had, she still did not look healthy at all.

In the photo above, you’ll notice she has very tiny pupils (and artificially plumped lips) even though the photo appears to have been taken in low light. Very likely, she was under the influence in that photo (via Hollywood Backwash).

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24 Responses to “Brittany Murphy and painkillers part 2”  

  1. 1 january

    Sad – strange look, strange lips – I am wondering if she was under psychiatric care.

  2. 2 Shocked

    Poor, poor young woman. She was naturally pretty, but felt she had to conform to the blonde skeleton look. This is a very sad story.

  3. 3 methfreeq

    In this picture she looks like a porn actrice

  4. 4 MG

    I feel so sorry for her. Hollywood really messed her up. She was a very pretty and talented person.

  5. 5 Lola Granola

    She looks very tired. The lifelessness of the skin and eyes is painfully obvious. Poor girl.

  6. 6 Bunnie

    She looks lost. Wistful almost. I loved her when I first saw her in Clueless. I would watch whatever she was in. I loved her as a brunette. She was cute as a Blonde, but to me she was most attractive as a Brunette. I really hope that her blood tests come back clean. But I doubt they will. And my sympathies go out to her mother.

  7. 7 Brooke

    Wait, I thought drugs left your pupils the size of saucers… maybe I’m just ignorant, but I’ve never heard of drugs making pupils look shot.

    She looks terrible. Obviously something was wrong with her life.

  8. 8 62831

    Good grief, she looks like a large-mouthed bass in that picture. Poor girl. I can only hope she’s in a better place now. RIP, Brittany.

  9. 9 Venus In Blue Jeans

    Uh-uh, folks. I have prescription opiate medication due to a spinal injury. My puplis are normal size and only pin point in strong light. How can you see her pupils anyway? Her eyes are so dark it is hard to distinguish the pupil from the iris. Why is this site obsessed with this person? Enough already Her lips were probably the result of working with Jolie in ‘Girl Interrupted’, which likely made her feel insecure and competitive. AJ became a hot item and is partially esponsible for the current wave of lips jobs.

  10. 10 S

    I was the commenter referenced above. In this picture above it is in fact difficult to see her pupils, but if you scroll down you will see the pictures referred to of Brittney that show tiny pupils. As with most celebrity deaths, which invariably get more attention than all the other similar deaths that happen on a daily basis, those left behind wonder why – why someone so young who had it all? Increasingly over the years also, prescription drugs as opposed to street drugs have been implicated in many celebrity deaths, garnering more and more attention for the problem. People need to be aware of the danger of them so I believe it’s worth mentioning, and it should go without saying that it doesn’t mean everyone isn’t sorry for this young womans untimely demise. You can look it up online as to the opiate/pupil correlation. For the lady above who has a prescription opiate medication for her spinal injury – so do I. I had a broken back. However, my pupils also do not react by becoming tiny, because I do not take them abusively. When a person is in pain and takes prescription meds as prescribed, they do not usually cause a dramatic “pinning” of the eyes, they simply relieve pain. Pain tends to off-set the effect of opiates. Many people not in chronic pain however, take them to get high or feel better. The key phrase here is “under a strong opiate influence” That means she is taking either a very strong opiate, or way too much at one time, or enough to cause her to become under the influence.

  11. 11 le

    the photo looks weird! Like photoshopped to make her look weirder.maybe it’s a really bad angle. I can’t see the pupils too..

  12. 12 Venus In Blue Jeans

    Well S thank you for your lecture on opiate pain meds. Since I use mine well within therapeutic dosages, and some days use even less, my pupils are normal. I still don’t see pin-point pupils in her photos that would not be explained by having a camera flashed directly in her eyes. I see many ads in magazines, etc., where the model has small pupils. I think the point is being vastly over-exaggerated and wish this site would take her photos off now out of respect for her kin. Since no cause of death has been publicly released, the speculation is morbid and should cease. Her plastic surgery is kind of a moot point since Proverbs says ‘the grave consumes beauty’. Americans have become GHOULS, pursuing the dead into the tomb!

  13. 13 Venus In Blue Jeans

    Actually, in the bottom photo where she appears to be blowing a kiss and her head is turned away from the camera, you can see her pupils clearly. Normal size range. Pupils adjust to light instantaneously and when her eyes weren’t ‘caught in the headlights’ her pupils instantly dilated to a larger size, as per normal.

  14. 14 Kelly

    well Venus you have commented three times already, so um you seem to be the one pursuing this. let it go yourself.

  15. 15 Venus In Blue Jeans

    Hey Kelly, I did not realize there was a limit to how many times I can comment, especially if someone is presenting fallacious and unsubstantiated information. Mind your business. And don’t tell people what to do. Who are you, the awfulplasticsurgery nazi?

  16. 16 Q

    Venus, maybe you should actually *read* what you are responding to. We are well aware that you use opiates for a legit medical condition and thus your pupils are of a normal size. That is NOT what S was talking about, though, when they are talking about opiate use

  17. 17 enigma

    This picture of her makes me sad. Just the vacant, dead look in her eyes and her generally unkempt appearance depict a girl who, for whatever reason or another, was being destroyed from the inside out. I miss her vivacious personality from ‘Clueless’… even if she was “heavy” for Hollywood’s standards. She was natural then, and beautiful. In fact, I’m surprised that, looking at her deterioration over the years, that no one was able to predict her early demise.

  18. 18 Candice Pantz

    In this photo she resembles a raggedy Dyan Cannon: the Ally McBeal years.

  19. 19 Sono

    WOW, I thought the picture was just some random person with awful plastic surgery, it doesn’t look anything like her.

  20. 20 Michelle

    How scary, she looks like Octomom!

  21. 21 Eliza422

    I”m shocked at how old she looks in this photo – after seeing it and a few of the others she looks at least 10 – 15 years older than her early 30s! That is definitely not the face of a happy woman.

  22. 22 Carmela

    I’m surprised how old she looked for her age. Pretty, but nowhere near 32! I wa sure she was in her 40s.

  23. 23 M

    i both agree and disagree.. i started suspected brittany was using speed as a way of dieting a looong time ago. i remember she did a mtv diaries episode and she was so hyper and ’speedy’. that being said, i have been accused of being high on coke/speed several times myself, even by a drugdealer (!) because of the size of my pupills – and i have never touch drugs in my life! so i say you just never know. she was a sweetheart, that’s more important i think.

  24. 24 chaz

    The problem with this article is that pictures of her from her teen years also show small pupils. I think its just the way her eyes were.

    We shall see when the autopsy results come out.