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Nadya Suleman continues her quest for fame by getting a tummy tuck and breast implants. There are photos of her posing at the beach showing off her new look. It must be nice to have your fantasy paid for by your fellow tax payers! I’ll post the photos as soon as I can find them.

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40 Responses to “Octomom gets tummy tuck and breast implants”  

  1. 1 Carrie

    I’ve seen pics of her in a bikini on She makes me sick!

  2. 2 jane

    Maybe it’s just me, but if I had 14 kids to take care of I think I’d have other priorities. In all the pictures I’ve seen of her with thoes babies she never once has held one of them lovingly. She always holds them like they’re a sack of flour. I can’t imagine how messed up all her kids are going to be.

  3. 3 Kelly

    I’ve seen these pictures. They’re on a website. . There was some sort of big uproar about them being posted though..Oh, those aren’t your pictures, etc. etc. Which is silly, but anyway. I seen them, simply because I wanted to see how lifeless her eyes were, and I never saw a tummy tuck scar. You could tell tho by looking at her navel that she had one. I don’t know…maybe they will get posted. They’re bad pictures. If I had 14 kids to take care of on my own, I think I’d not be at a photoshoot but instead uhm, ya’ know, taking care of my kids.

  4. 4 Madeline

    I saw the pics at starsareblind. I don’t think she had implants. The bikini top is a halter style with seriously big, thick straps for hoisting those milk jugs. Her big bewbies look the same as ever, I really think. I agree that her navel is curiously vertical. The bikini bottom is very low cut, but any scar could have been photoshopped away. Still, she has a 24 Hour Fitness membership that was yanked because she was behind on dues, then someone else stepped forward and paid for another year on her behalf. She’s been seen there workin’ it a lot (usually late at night while someone watches the kids sleep), and her weight loss over the past year has been gradual, so I don’t think all the improvement can be said to be the result of the knife. The results are really too good to be solely from surgery.

  5. 5 Canna Fan

    I saw Octomom’s bikini pictures. She looks ok, and yes, she’s definitely had a tummy tuck and breast implants. Her face is scary: really long, with weird fish lips and drawn on eyebrows. She has nannies to take care of her kids, because her number one priority is fame whoring.

  6. 6 62831

    So if I have 14 children under the age of 7 that I can’t possibly take care of, can I get a free tummy tuck, breast implants and be a shameless fame whore too?

  7. 7 Frau Blucher

    and how many photos have we seen of her with her kids???
    nice to see her priorities are in order. Stupid ho-bag.

  8. 8 Ashley

    Wow. I just saw the pictures. I don’t even have one kid to take care of, and yet I still don’t have time to do a bikini modeling photoshoot.

  9. 9 Tamiko

    I sure wish I could get a tummy tuck done as well as fame for popping out some kids!!!

  10. 10 Stephanie

    Pics are here Without getting into the parenting side of this, I think she looks great, although I’m sure there was a ton of photoshop.

  11. 11 Lola Granola

    Yep, she’s got brand-new boobies, all right. They’re much too high and round to be the product of pregnancy and an industrial strength bikini top, and they’re way out of proportion to the rest of her. I could practically see the profile lines on the upper edges. And her navel looks like a coin slot, and in a couple of the pictures I swore I could see little red seam lines down her groins (isn’t that where they take the tuck?) No workout can give you that. Her duck lips, though, were still the worst part of all–coupled with her habitual stupid expression, they made her look truly sad.

  12. 12 Q

    In the second picture her stomach looks very weird.. almost like Tara Reid’s botched liposuction.. I honestly didn’t look at her boobs, I was just that entranced by how weird her torso looked. My belly may be a bit flabby since giving birth four months ago, but I’d rather have it than that tummy tucked, probably stretch marked to hell belly that Octomom has!

  13. 13 Fred

    Her belly button looks different from one picture to another… I guess it is more photoshop disaster than awful plastic surgery (I’m talking about her stomach, the rest – gosh, that face… – is pure awful plastic surgery)…

  14. 14 Suzy0101

    There’s just something about her that looks…flabby and corrupt….like it’s spoilt, or something. Likes she’s some sort of succubus…brrrrrrr!!!

  15. 15 Cristina

    Of COURSE she’s had a tummy tuck, are you kidding me? Have none of you all had babies? There is no way to have 8 at once, stretch your skin out that far, and then bring it anywhere near flat without major surgical assistance.

  16. 16 Gratuitous Violets

    She is undeserving of plastic surgery, children and the money she is getting from having them implanted so she could use them like her own personal piggy bank fillers. Personally I think she should have them all taken away from her and be forced to take up minimum wage employment so she knows what it’s like to WORK.

  17. 17 Marieke

    I saw her photos on
    Looks ok, but seems weird to have these photos taken! What’s her issue?

  18. 18 amanda also has pics

  19. 19 le

    pathetic angelina jolie wanna be…

  20. 20 suzanne

    This woman embodies all that is wrong in the world. I absolutely hate her very existence.
    Of course she has had tons of surgeries, all at the expense of the state of California. The boobs and the stomach are just the latest.
    The Dirty pics are gone, go to Marieke’s link, they are still on that site.

  21. 21 Oh please.

    the woman is a walking argument FOR forced sterlization.

  22. 22 Boo

    Wow, that’s what loads of taxpayer and TV money pays for. Great body, Nadya, shame about the face. Terrible trout pout. And what a delightful example to set to her herd of children. Shame on the docs who allowed this person to procreate!

  23. 23 sara

    the tummy tuck is fairly obvious. her navel looks very stretched and her stretch marks are no where to be seen(which are clearly visible in the disgusting tummy shot of her right before she popped those kids out)

  24. 24 addict

    She looks like Heidi Fleiss. It is amazing that she still denies having plastic surgery. She has to be mentally ill.

  25. 25 Frau Blucher

    I agree with suzy…something about her is just revolting, like some creature from the underworld.
    Notice the smile with those duck lips. It makes me think of the Joker. She may want to be Angelina but she’s channeling Heath Ledger!!!

  26. 26 pinkdinosaur

    I would like to know where she finds the money to get these sugeries done, what with feeding and clothing 14 children, 2 of them with special needs, and having no job. It’s not possible that she’s still living off interview monies: her 15 minutes are up, no one in their right mind would pay her for an interview anymore… right?

  27. 27 Paul Wall

    After all that cash blown AGAIN, this dummy still looks unpleasant. And trying to look sexy? Puh-lease, just sit down, goose-lips. It irks me too, that when the subject of welfare is brought up, some people won’t say “We saved so many kids from hunger ” but “Look at this lady wasting welfare money to look good” and that’s so wrong: to be done AND to let it be allowed. Anyone know what happened; she was not supposed to collect public assistance AND she had to pay off her debts herself? She probably dropped all responsibility on her dumb parents.

  28. 28 Dy

    I’m pretty sure that medicaid doesn’t pay for plastic surgery. I don’t know where she’s getting the money for this, but it’s not from government assistance.

  29. 29 Jake

    Where are the pics? This is just heresay without pics!

  30. 30 Alexis

    Here are the photos:
    And here is a link to an article where she trashes Kate Gosselin for her boobs and tummy tuck and also saying that she would never appear in a bikini photo shoot:
    Yes, that is indeed surgery. A tummy tuck will not give you a waist if you never had one. It didn’t for Kate, and it didn’t for her. And the breasts, like all her other fake body parts, look plain horrible. She may have had over the muscle implants, judging by the way they hang. But the dead giveaway is that they are slightly uneven on the top and sides in a way that real breasts are not, even real breasts that are naturally 2 different sizes. Plus hers were NEVER that big, even when she was pregnant.

  31. 31 BlossomEndRot

    Tummy Tuck and Breast Implants paid for by the taxpayers. She is on State and Federal subsidies because she is unemployed and claims her children are disabled; she gets THOUSANDS of dollars a month from Social Security and the state pays for her two nannies!

  32. 32 suzanne

    Jake, here is a new link to photos. Good job finding that, Amanda. Incidentially, The Superficial is a great site.

  33. 33 suzanne

    That bellybutton issue, ewww. Looks like a slit now. Yeah, she has had a tummy tuck for sure and reworked boobs.
    She is a disgusting pig.

  34. 34 Here's johnny

    With a tummy tuck, the skin is removed and pulled down tight to just above the pubic bone. All her stretch marks (which don’t disappear with a magical cream) were cut out and left on the surgeons floor. There are lipo scars on the left side of her abdomen. Her implants are clearly visible in several of the photos (ridges and a square boob in one!)

    she has a flat butt in pictures taken just a few days before. Bad photoshopping in the side shot of her. Also, enlarge the photos, you can see the very amaturish use of the blur tool on her thighs. Her tattoos were photoshopped out, especially the ones on her thighs.

    The saddest part of all this though ( besides the LIES) is that she spent all that money on herself, yet poor little Jonah still hasn’t had his lip fixed. That should have been done at around 4 months of age to facitate healing and speech.

    Selfish whanker!

  35. 35 Alexis

    If she has the money for surgery, then the state is obviously giving her too much welfare. They should reduce the amount until she can’t afford, nannies, surgery, or manicures. The money is SUPPOSED to be for the kids, not their crazy mommy. One other thing about her that bothers me. She complains that her childhood was ‘dysfunctional’ and then leaves her children to be raised by the same people who gave her that ‘dysfunctional’ childhood. She needs therapy, not children.

  36. 36 Sickitten

    The real problem is her pathological lies. It’s really a psychiatric affliction for some and she’s one!

  37. 37 Deb

    It’s bad enough that she’s getting plastic surgery and posing for People when she should be home taking care of all those kids and putting the money toward them, but she claims in People that she DID NOT have surgery. I could tell she had something done immediately by looking at her belly button, and I am no expert on this stuff.

  38. 38 Beevs

    Gawd! Why are we still talking about this creepy woman! Just let her slink back into the sewage that she crawled out of.

  39. 39 Gratuitous Violets

    Seriously this is DISGUSTING that she’s being allowed to arse about getting surgeries when we rarely EVER see her with her kids. You’re lucky if you see her with ONE child at a time, where are the REST?! She’s a money and attention whore and she needs to have the kids removed from her custody and be made to get a real bloody job instead of getting surgeries and her dream house and all the rest because she had babies – MILLIONS of women do this and get bugger all, some of them are in REAL dire straits and this woman is a mockery of them all.

  40. 40 whatever

    This woman has completely lost it. Does she really think people actually believe her lies? No tummy tuck, suuuuurrrrre Nadya. Seven pregnancies, one of those with a litter of eight and you “just snap back” with no stretch marks every time. God help those poor children and their completely deluded mother.