Ashlee Simpson’s Huge Chin Implant

Ashlee Simpson was in NYC last week showing off her massive unnecessary chin implant. It looks bizarre on her.

Ashlee Simpson

Ashlee Simpson

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February 1, 2010 · The Staff · 112 Comments
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112 Responses

  1. -_- - February 1, 2010

    Okay… I couldn’t see her chin getting any bigger or smaller, so I actually saw the trouble of cutting both pictures, flipping the other one over, turning it a bit so that the eyes are in the same place and comparing the pictures on powerpoint to each other. The two are exact match. I don’t know how what you’re trying to achieve? April fool’s day is in april, maybe you mixed the months? Maybe you’re trying to see if people blindly believe everything you say?

  2. GlitterGirl - February 1, 2010

    Speaking as someone who suffers from Jay Leno Chin-Syndrome as well, my chin looked its biggest after I lost a ton of weight a few years ago. I’m thinking this is strictly a case of weight-fluctuation just exaggerating the size of Ashlee’s already prominent chin!

  3. Jake - February 1, 2010

    Her chin looks the same as it did in 2005…WTF?

  4. c4x - February 1, 2010

    Smaller nose makes the chin look bigger.

  5. Darian Zam - February 1, 2010

    Yeah, she’s always had a long chin. It does look the same. She’s lost a lot more weight since 2005.

  6. Amanda - February 1, 2010

    She looks the same. If anything she should get a chin reduction not an implant.

  7. Missy - February 2, 2010

    Her nose reduction makes her chin look bigger…but it isn’t. She was prettier before!!

  8. eh - February 2, 2010

    Her chin is the same as ever but it looks like she has botox. Her face looks frozen. The smile (mouth area specifically) looks forced like it literally takes effort. Her eyes read like she can’t feel her face, it’s not moving, and she is questioning if her smile looks passable or too forced.

    natural flaws > plastic “beauty”

  9. Magdalene - February 2, 2010

    Her chin is exactly the same as it was. Somebody needs glasses.

  10. lisa rossi - February 2, 2010

    Nice doorstop!

  11. mia - February 2, 2010

    just the bad angle..nothing more

  12. mr.ed - February 2, 2010

    Missy is right on.

  13. Suzy0101 - February 2, 2010

    I agree with Missy: it’s her nose reduction that makes her chin look bigger. It’s exactly the same…I think APS has missed this one, for sure.

  14. Susan - February 2, 2010

    The only difference I can see is that she had her nose fixed, which was a wise decision. I think she’s really cute.

  15. Oh please. - February 2, 2010

    I don’t agree she has an implant. She just has a strong chin and looks to be jutting it out a bit in the 2010 photo.

  16. Bunnie - February 2, 2010

    She has just lost weight, which gives the illusion of a bigger chin. Her coloring is lighter as well making the shadows different on her face. Her chin is the same. And some mentioned her nose job, it looks the same to me as well. So if itwas worked on it was a good job, because a nose job should not be obvious.

  17. MG - February 2, 2010

    Her chin looks the same to me. Her nose looks different.

  18. Laurie - February 2, 2010

    I don’t see it. Besides, wouldn’t she have had her chin shaved down, a la Heidi Montag?

  19. funderpants - February 2, 2010

    Heinous wench. I couldn’t be happier that Melrose gave her the axe, she was simply awful! I don’t think this is a new chin, she got the Barbie special all at once, several years ago, didn’t she?

  20. methfreeq - February 2, 2010

    Ugly, with or without the chin (implant).

  21. karenee - February 2, 2010

    Her chin is the same. It appears she has lost some weight, making her jaw more defined and perhaps making her chin appear more defined as well.

  22. Veronica - February 2, 2010

    Her chin is exactly the same. She looks awful with black hair. What a witch

  23. Veronica - February 2, 2010

    All she is missing is a wart on her chin:-)

  24. mamalicious - February 2, 2010

    If someone already has a big chin, as Ashlee does, why would she get a chin implant? Answer: she wouldn’t.

    She doesn’t have a chin implant – her chin probably looks a little bigger right now because her face is skinnier.

  25. jp - February 2, 2010

    Agree. She looks the same. No change in either picture.

  26. jilly neutron - February 2, 2010

    No. It’s that streamlined nose that now puts emphasis on her chin.

  27. 62831 - February 2, 2010

    I don’t see any difference. Same chin in both pictures.

  28. CK - February 2, 2010

    Why would she get a chin implant when her chin is already prominent? I think it’s just how it looks in that picture–no surgery.

  29. jm - February 2, 2010

    Same chin, dude!

  30. Henri - February 2, 2010

    Her chin looks like a heel.

  31. Brooke - February 2, 2010

    I loved the way she looked pre-surgery… I dunno, I’m kind of a fan of goofy faces. I like biggish chins on girls like Ashlee. Not super big, but I really loved her look before she went under the knife. Is this really a new pic? I thought the bump in her nose had been shaved down…

  32. Nick H - February 2, 2010

    Same chin. It’s all in the lighting and camera angles.

  33. Suzy0101 - February 3, 2010

    I do have to add one thing: she looks a lot better now she’s not tanning herself. She looks much better pale, her skin looks flawless now….and that’s a big plus in my book.

  34. Jupiter - February 3, 2010

    How do chin implants work? Are they slotted in around the sides of the chin? Slowly but surely the world is turning into an army of freaky faces. Who are they kidding?

  35. Jupiter - February 3, 2010

    Oh, and she looks like she has a massive underbite. Ouch.

  36. Yvonne - February 3, 2010

    Come on now!!! Her chin looks the same! AwfulPlasticSurgery needs to stop posting these lies. What is it? When you guys don’t have any real plastic surgery victims you simply make up lies? Pathetic. You guys should be sued for false accusations.

  37. Brett - February 3, 2010

    When Ashlee Simpson had her rhinoplasty I read one or two articles that mentioned the speculation that she had a chin reduction procedure at the same time. The articles of course were accompanied by photos supposedly supporting these claims. Now seeing this current pictures of her, I am guessing she never had any work done on her chin. I think she has a naturally prominent chin, and it all depends on the angle of the photo in how it looks. In response to her rhinoplasty, I know first hand that the results of a rhinoplasty change over the course of healing. I am guessing that her nose tip dropped with healing if I compare this current 2010 photo with photos taken immediately after the surgery. P.S., In case Ashlee is reading this post, I love you with red hair. Few people can pull off red, and you are one of them. I personally don’t like the black hair, it is too harsh on you. Blonde is fine, but more run of the mill. However, you are a Hollywood star, so you are supposed to change your look often, so feel free to experiment.

  38. nikki b - February 3, 2010

    i think her chin looks exactly the same also

  39. HM - February 3, 2010

    I love this website but you guys really dropped the ball on this one – she looks the same….which is unattractive.

  40. Marieke - February 3, 2010

    She looks the same, except for her nose and the tan. Nothing special!

  41. Count Blah - February 3, 2010

    The issue is definitely that she got her nose shaved down a bit more and this is making her chin look bigger by comparison.

    You guys featured her a while back–also over an alleged chin implant–and THAT before and after pic did look like she’d had something done, maybe. But in these pics her chin is untouched.

  42. lisa rossi - February 3, 2010

    chin , strap on, same thing

  43. rayray - February 3, 2010

    She should get a talent implant.

  44. Christi - February 3, 2010

    I think you are wrong, as most everyone else has said. The chin looks exactly the same. It needs shaving down, not enlrging.

  45. Lain - February 3, 2010

    Actually, I agree with APS. They just chose a bad picture for comparison. But her chin is really….freakish.

  46. San Dee - February 3, 2010

    Her chin is exactly the same in both photos. You’re way off base with this one. She’s always had a weird chin. If she did anything to it, she’d get it reduced, not made more prominent. I agree with the above poster who wonders if you just say some of this stuff to see if people are actually going to just go along with it?

  47. Mark - February 4, 2010

    No implant. She just has a large chin, and it looks identical in both photos. Her nose job reduced the balance against her chin.

  48. Jupiter - February 4, 2010

    I think she looks like she has had a chin implant. I daresay she thought it was ‘witchy’ looking (like Reese Witherspoon’s) and wanted it squared out a bit, but now it’s made it jut out. The nose reduction didn’t help either – her previous nose balanced out the pointy chin.

  49. Janine - February 4, 2010

    Her chin only appears bigger because her nose is smaller. You must be short of material this week.

  50. Kathy - February 4, 2010

    Uh…her chin in the BEFORE photo looks bigger. Slow news week, guys?

  51. HEATHER - February 4, 2010

    Her chin looks bigger in the 2nd pic because her face is more gaunt.

  52. M - February 4, 2010

    I agree with what some are saying, her old nose just balanced out the chin better before.. she was so cute then but she is still cute now. luckily for her, the new nose suit her as well

  53. Libby - February 4, 2010

    Her chin always looked big, I think she just lost some weight and it looks bigger

  54. Sara - February 4, 2010

    Her nose job made the chin more prominent. She hasn’t had a chin implant.

  55. Jupiter - February 5, 2010


  56. Felicity - February 5, 2010

    There is NO change here – her chin is exactly the same as it was before.

    I think Libby is right – she may have lost weight so with that and the angle of the picture it appears bigger.

  57. Q - February 5, 2010

    Let’s just hijack this fail of an Awful Plastic Surgery entry and talk about something else. Brittany Murphy was found to have died due to a combination of pneumonia and prescription medication, and her husband said she didn’t appear to be that sick. Discuss.

  58. dear lord in heaven - February 5, 2010

    forget the chin, that black hair is disgusting. she only looked beautiful as a blonde.

  59. melony - February 5, 2010

    No implant here. She’s just five years older and has therefore lost some of her youthful roundness in her face. Quite a natural developement, I’d say.

  60. Bunnie - February 5, 2010

    Q – I find it suspicious that her mother who was supposedly in the house with her, didnt make her daughter go to the hospital. I know I would force my child no matter how much they fussed to go see a doctor. I wonder if the reason she didnt do this is because the prescription meds Brittany took were not hers and her mom was afraid she would get her daughter into a legal trouble about it. All in All its a sad horrible shame.

  61. suzanne - February 5, 2010

    good one, Q

  62. Am - February 5, 2010

    Her chin looks bigger because of a combination of weight loss and her nose job. Her chin is the same. She would look better if she gained some weight.

  63. Alexis - February 5, 2010

    She needs it reduced, not enlarged. Doesn’t matter. Whatever she does she will always be Jessica Simpson’s ugly younger sister.

  64. Ella - February 5, 2010

    Those pictures are BOTH old ones, before she had her nose job. Her new nose looks radically different than what you’re claiming is a 2010 picture. Chin is the same.

  65. Scott - February 5, 2010

    Who cares about this talentless woman? With all the charming, gorgeous actresses out there, it’s baffling that anyone pays attention to this chick. She looked much better after her plastic surgery (and she clearly fixed more than just her honker) but she chooses the most hideous hairstyles and hair colors that it’s hopeless. I’d rather read about her gorgeous and much sweeter sister, Jessica.

  66. BikerK - February 5, 2010

    After pic doesn’t look any larger to me.

  67. Iris - February 6, 2010

    You’ve either lost your mind, you think it’s funny to see what we’ll believe or you’re desperate because there isn’t any REAL news.

  68. Aggie - February 6, 2010

    Wow, a lot of hate for a mistake on surgery. If you folks are so angry at the webmasters, then by all means, stop coming. Sheesh.

  69. whatever - February 6, 2010

    what the fuck. are you guys just going to leave this stupid post up for weeks? jesus christ post something new and get your lazy ass in gear already. fuckin douchebags.

  70. Kristen - February 6, 2010

    She does look like a witch. Just needs the wart on the chin with 2 hairs sticking out and a pointed hat.

  71. lisa - February 6, 2010

    no one would put a chin implant in that already huge chin. She looks the same. Who runs this site and with what qualifcations?

  72. Leanne - February 6, 2010

    Comparing both years, her chin looks exactly the same to me..Actually in 2010, it looks a little smaller.

  73. Rosemary - February 6, 2010

    I think you have two photos of the girl pre-op…as I doubt she would have had nose implants as well. It’s her old nose and her old chin.

  74. Diego - February 6, 2010

    Her nose is starting to look kinda big again why’s that?? I saw a pic of her on another website and I thought that it was a pre nose job pic and it wasn’t I was like WTF?

  75. Cookie - February 6, 2010

    Plastic surgery is supposed to be your area of expertise? Why come up with assumptions like this one, especially since she has always had a big chin (and certainly never had chin implant)…

  76. >.> - February 6, 2010

    She looks like Glenn Quagmire from Family Guy, giggity.

  77. Maria - February 7, 2010

    With or without chin implant, she looks like a witch…

  78. ~LisaG~ - February 7, 2010

    I don’t think she looks like she had a chin implant. Her chin is huge enough. She has that Reese Witherspoon type of chin.

  79. anony - February 7, 2010

    I love when you do an item on Cokemom.

  80. mme - February 8, 2010

    Did she have the bump in her nose put back in also? WTF

  81. Joan - February 8, 2010

    She hasn’t had a chin implant. I think she’s had her entire jaw line realighned bringing her lower teeth forward and elongating her neck. She also has veneers on upper teeth which change the look of the mouth and lips. She always has her head in awkward positions in all her photos. Any surgery, if done, was probably for reasons other than cosmetic. She may have had jaw alignment problems and had it surgically corrected.

  82. Sarah - February 8, 2010

    I completely disagree with you accusations of her getting a chin implant. She has lost a little weight which has slimmed down her cheeks a bit but I have no idea where you are getting this chin thing from. It looks the exact same!

  83. actright - February 9, 2010

    why not show a picture of her in 2009 for a real comparison. I thought when she had her nose done she also did her chin, so im confused as to why she would do it again????

  84. Gabrielle - February 10, 2010

    FYI, Ashlee didn’t make any chin surgery. It’s exactly the same.

  85. Dy - February 10, 2010

    I loved the fact that she didn’t look like the typical Hollywood Barbie doll. That was one of the things she had going for her, it was one of the reasons I liked her, even after the whole SNL thing went down. Now, her face is just disproportionate. Now, she’s just the girl who’s trying too hard to fit in with the rest of the fake people in Hollywood. I thought Jessica was beautiful the way she was before she had things done, too.

  86. oc - February 11, 2010

    She’s going to resemble a female Jay Leno.

  87. Charlotte - February 12, 2010

    LOL! Y’all are idiots…

    There is no chin implant, and neither her nor her sister would ever get one, considering they’re already quite, er, “gifted” in the big chin department.

    It just looks bigger because her nose is so much smaller.

  88. karen - February 18, 2010

    her shin is the same it’s the angle and since she got a nose job it makes her chin look like it stickd out more it’s not balanced out

  89. T - February 18, 2010

    Just going to say, some of your observations regarding certain celebrities are absolutely false. This one is an example of that! Ashlee Simpson never had a chin implant–she has always had that chin but because she chiseled down her nose it amplifies the size and protrusion appearance of her chin. When someone alters one part of their face that originally created a balance for all of the features (which her Original nose did) then the unchanged features start to stand out more, the balance is lost. Which of course, is why I can’t stand when everyone tries to get the same nose or lips in Hollywood because most of the time it does Not flatter their face and the remainder of its features.

  90. Mrs214 - February 20, 2010

    Her chin looks exactly the same, the picture is just at a different angle.

  91. jane - May 27, 2010

    She looks stupid.

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