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Jenna Jameson – WTF?

Jenna Jameson is super sexy, but what the heck is going on with her lips? Jenna, we loved your lips before.

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Trout Pout Victims

Trout pout is sweeping not just the US, but Europe as well. Check out these pouty lipped Russian beauties. These photos are not photoshopped.

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Cameron Diaz by a nose

Cameron Diaz has been hacking at her face for a few years and now it looks like she’s gotten rhinoplasty. Her nostrils are smaller and the bridge of her nose has been raised. I don’t like it, it robs her of individuality.

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The down side of breast augmentation – hiding the scars

I like Hilary Swank. Really, I do. But tongues were wagging online about her Oscar dress showing off her augmentation scars and the fact that her side boob showed signs of an implant. I think she could have chosen a dress with more coverage.

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No, its not the cat lady

Giannina Facio is the girlfriend of director Ridley Scott. She has something of a resemblance to the Cat Lady, Jocelyn Wildenstein courtesy of various facial plastic surgeries (nose, chin, cheeks, etc).

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Heidi Montag calls her body 'a gazillion dollar franchise'

The ever changing Heidi Montag recently described her body as ‘a trillion, gazillion, bazillion-dollar franchise‘. She was surrounded by bodyguards due to threats made against her. Watch her interview with Extra.

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Doctors Give Heidi Thumbs Down

Heidi Montag’s plastic surgery gets thumbs down from medical professionals! According to US Magazine and Dr. Lyle M. Back, Heidi’s breasts have a high risk of drooping over time due to their immense size. “The excessive weight of the implants in these extreme augmentations almost always leads to chronic lower back pain and significant drooping [...]

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Hereeeeeees, Johnny!

This photo of Johnny Depp with huge cheeks just hit the web. Does anyone know if they are prosthetic for the film? He looked normal a few months ago.

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Thoughts on Ashley Greene

I have gotten a few emails about Twilight star Ashley Greene and her nose. I do agree that she has had rhinoplasty. Her nose has the surgeried Michael Jackson look. But, because she had surgery before hitting the spotlight, there are no before photos available. I do think the trend with younger celebrities is to [...]

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Barbi Twins threaten

The Barbi Twins are the latest celebrities to threaten Their representation maintains that they have never had any plastic surgery of any kind. Um, okay, we believe them, right? It was this tiny passage that likely upset the plastic duo: The twins are back in the public eye again, now looking even more plastic. [...]

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