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Mia Lee – Lip implants before disappearing from TV entirely?

Mia Lee was a local Los Angeles tv host until the end of last year, when she was replaced. She has not yet popped up on a new network. Before she vanished, she added some lip implants to her assortment of bodily alterations. See the pics! I think she opted for lip implants and not [...]

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Katie Price before plastic surgery

Once upon a time, there was a pretty girl from Brighton, England who wanted to be a glamour model. Her name was Katie Price.

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Amanda Bynes calls it a day

Amanda Bynes, a former child star, announced her retirement from acting via Twitter on Sunday. Like many actresses her age, she had tried to ‘improve’ her appearance via plastic surgery. Maybe it did not garner her the rewards she expected. Looking at the 2006 photo and comparing it to the 2010, it is obvious Amanda [...]

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Megan Fox Wigs Out

A fan of the site sent me new pictures of Megan Fox (that is not a vein on her forehead in the photo above, it is part of her lace front wig attachment) along with his notes on her facial reconfiguration (via Dlisted.com): the new ones are from the latest movie premiere where she surfaced [...]

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Fillers fit for a Queen?

The Queen of Sweden enjoyed a great day at her eldest daughter’s wedding. The public got to see her newly plumped cheeks, which look ridiculous! Her youthful, plump, smooth cheeks looks ridiculous, because the rest of her face is much more advanced in age. Also, her cheeks are overfilled because they are dwarfing her chin. [...]

June 19, 2010 · The Staff · 12,570 Comments
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No Awful Plastic Surgery For Megan Fox

I’ve been getting emails about actress Megan Fox having had her cheeks enhanced. I don’t think she has. I believe that she has lost too much weight and it is showing in her face. Even her lips look larger on a now much smaller face. Megan, gain some weight. If you can’t do it on [...]

June 19, 2010 · The Staff · 9,164 Comments
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Danielle Staub's breast implant horrors

I’ll be really honest. Danielle Staub’s breast implants don’t look like she paid for them, they look like they paid her to take them. They are seriously bad and for some reason, she is flaunting them in a homemade porn tape with bad lighting that highlights her 100% plastic face. I’m fairly sure her left [...]

June 17, 2010 · The Staff · 12,545 Comments
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Jean Claude Jitrois Before Photo Found

French designer Jean Claude Jitrois assaulted our eyes a few weeks ago with his severely overdone plastic surgery. Several readers sent in the requested before photo of Jitrois and it was a feast for the eyes. He was rather handsome before he started hacking at his face.

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Danielle Staub revealed

Danielle Staub is best known for appearing of the Real Housewives of New Jersey while looking like Howdy Doody. Anyway, today’s post is about her plastic surgery. If you look at her mugshot from the 80s, you can tell she had rhinoplasty. But when she got it done, the surgeon should have reduced the space [...]

June 10, 2010 · The Staff · 11,406 Comments
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More Premature Aging For Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan attended the MTV Movie Awards last weekend. She is a great example of how drugs, drinking, poor nutrition, and too little sleep prematurely age a person. She now has saggy jowls, even though she is not yet 30.

June 7, 2010 · The Staff · 12,555 Comments
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