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Cruella Buys Boingier Boobs—Again: Forget sex, drugs, and all the usual juicy tidbits that celebs work so hard to keep under wraps. These days a T-town tart’s worst fear is that her on-call plastic surgeon will fess up to the nip ‘n’ tuck she hoped no one would notice. But we weren’t too shocked when we heard word that our (least) fave ice-queen Cruella St. Shackles has gone under the knife. So what did the über-bitchy broad get plumped, pinched, or prodded this time? Her boobs, of course! Seems nasty ol’ Cruella has bigger worries than her loose-lipped employees. Like, say, gravity? Cruella, who some would argue was a knockout in her heyday, was tres unhappy with her not-so-perky friends and called her trusty doc for boob job numero dos. Just FYI, she got her first set of around the time she married Marky Sweet-Puss (not that he was interested, really). Way to come late to the big-tittie committee, Cruella! Aren’t you getting a bit old to focus on your breasticles, especially since all your plastic-surgery peers are prepping to get their faces injected with the latest fountain-of-youth chemicals? Or maybe that’s exactly why Cruella went for the cleavage upgrade. See, Cruella is no stranger to going under the knife—no matter how many times she may deny it. Let’s say that if surgeons gave out “buy five, get one on the house” procedures, this plastic prima donna would be cashing in freebies quite a bit. And she’s starting to become a cautionary tale of Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong. But now with her new and improved silicone sisters, Cruella probably thinks she may finally be able to divert some of the attention away from her messed-up mug. Uh, too late for that, sister. Wondering where she got the cash to pay for all these “cosmetic enhancements”? That’s a Vice so for another day, kiddies. And It Ain’t: Sarah Palin, Sarah Jessica Parker, Victoria Beckham.

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman

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