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Audrina Patridge's Boob Job Analyzed

I have never been a fan of Audrina Patridge’s boob job, because they don’t look remotely real. Last night, in London, Patridge wore a more revealing dress than usual which enabled me to see more details of her breast augmentation. She has recently dropped a bit of weight and on an already slim frame, her [...]

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Tanya Tucker

Tanya Tucker has been a much heralded singer since her teens, even landing a Rolling Stone cover at the age of 15. Now, she’s 50 something and needs a new stylist. The tanning, the hair, and big fake breasts are just wrong for someone her age!

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Oksana Grigorieva – Before And After Photos

Oksana Grigorieva is an odd looking chick. Her face is a mish mash of awful plastic surgery. Lip augmented. Check. Rhinoplasty. Check. Cheek Implants. Check. Browlift. Check. Like most plastic surgery disasters, there was nothing wrong with her ‘before’ appearance. Hollywood is a bad place, huh?

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The Worst Implants of 2010

Erica Chevillar is a Playboy model (big shock there) with very overfilled breast implants she likes to show off. There are bad implants in every way imaginable. They look too high on her chest.

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Teen lands tv role and starts plastic surgery regimen

Charice is an up and coming teen singer who will appear on Glee this year. Like many in the public eye, she has started consulting with plastic surgeons. She underwent a 30-minute Thermage skin-tightening procedure and Botox injections to make her “naturally round face” more narrow, celebrity cosmetic surgeon Vicki Belo told ABS-CBN television. The [...]

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Brett Michael's Ex Wife Kristi's Weird Makeover

Kristi Gibson is the ex-wife of rock singer Brett Michaels. I don’t have the best before photo of her, but you can tell she was stunning. In the after photo, you can see she has had a ton of plastic surgery on her face. Her nose, lips, eyes, and cheeks look dramatically different. She looks [...]

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A Facial Plastic Surgeon’s Thoughts on Megan Fox, Jenna Jameson, and Sophie Monk

Dr. Shoib Myint is a skilled Las Vegas plastic surgeon. He specializes in facial plastic surgery and graciously answered my questions on Megan Fox, Sophie Monk, and Jenna Jameson. Visit Dr Myint’s website at www.eye-faceplasticsurgeon.com . Megan Fox There is no question Megan Fox underwent some type of lip augmentation. It is difficult to tell [...]

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Amy Winehouse's new implants settle in

Last year, we featured singer Amy Winehouse and her then new implants. We weren’t fans. How do her implants look now? They seem to have settled in and Amy has also seemingly learned to dress in a way that flatter her implants and makes them look less fake. Good job, Amy.

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Katie Price decides to channel Mr Ed

Mr Ed was a famous talking horse back in old days of film. Quite predictably, he had huge teeth and as many celebrities get veneers, I like to think they are trying to bring back the ‘good old days’ by channeling him. Because veneers just look weird on most wearers.

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The Murderess Makeover

Sandra Murphy had her conviction for killing ex-boyfriend Ted Binion overturned a few years ago. Since then, she has relocated to San Diego and somehow come into a pile of cash, because she has made over her entire face. She was average before surgery and looks average after, but like a completely different person. She [...]

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