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Dr Khristine Eroshevich tightens up for her day in court

Dr Khristine Eroshevich had a horrible day in court as she was found guilty in Anna Nicole Smith’s prescription drug inquiry. Eroshevich was Smith’s psychiatrist at the time of her death and over prescribed medication to the actress. The doctor made an effort to look ‘good’ for her day in court by having a facelift. [...]

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Thank you to this month's sponsors

Thank you to this month’s sponsors! Advertise on Awful Plastic Surgery today! Celeb Cosmetic Surgery Peta

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Kerry Washington Cheek and Jaw Implants

A fan of the site submitted a recent photo of actress Kerry Washington along with this note: with the nose job and cheek implants and makeup she is slowly turning into an asian woman. This is the photo she sent me. I added the photo on the left from 2003 as a comparison. When you [...]

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France's Sweetheart Gets Breast Implants

Will Marion Cotillard still be France’s Sweetheart after they take a look at her huge breast implants? I was stunned when I saw them, they are not even subtle. She went from an A cup to a big D Cup, like a porn star.

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Jasmine Waltz's Breasts – Definitely Not Real

Well, when she’s not bearding for Chris Pine, Jasmine Waltz is apparently seeing David Arquette behind his wife’s back. And this is what he is seeing… they are fake. (Breasts should fall to the side if you’re on your back, so if you’re planning to do nudity on film, get saline implants. They have more [...]

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Behind Teri Hatcher's Wacky New Hairdo

Teri Hatcher’s new hairdo is strange. Her hair hides the sides of her face where doctors make facelift incisions. So, Teri, what are you hiding? She’s starting to look a little like Mary Tyler Moore.

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Tom Cruise's Chest Grosses People Out

Tom Cruise’s chest grosses out people on . ‘Ew’ is the reaction almost unanimously from readers.  His chest has weird gouges all over that look like liposuction scars. His studio will not be happy with the high retouching bill. Here’s a smattering of reactions to Tom’s shirtless picture: Tom is so vain he can’t [...]

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Jennifer Lopez

Is it just me or do Jennifer Lopez’s facial features off at the moment?  I think she had a brow lift plus some botox injections to make her jawline less wide (like singer Charise from Glee) and fillers for her cheeks to make them more soft and rounded. The 2003 ‘before’ photo is actually after [...]

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80s Porn Star Sharon Kane

I just saw a recent photo of 80s porn star Sharon Kane. Wow, she looks crazy with huge augmented lips and cheeks.

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