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Changing Faces: Gwyneth Paltrow

Wow, that is quite a facial change in the past seven years. The biggest change is not in her nose or eyes, but the lower half of her face. Her jawline is different. Before, it was more narrow, now it is a bit wider and more attractive. She looks so very different from her ‘Shakespeare [...]

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Lara Flynn Boyle Acts Dotty On The Red Carpet

Lara Flynn Boyle was on the red carpet last night. She appeared to be a bit sloshed and somewhat out of sorts. However, her lips were as plump and fresh as ever. Hurray for Hollywood.

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NY Daily News reveals Christina Aguilera’s biggest secret

NY Daily News recently ran a photo that showed singer Christina Aguilera’s armpit breast augmentation scar. Many patients opt for insertion via the armpit for cosmetic reasons. Aguilera was most recently seen in the film, Burlesque.

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