Courtney Stodden Speaks – New Video

Courtney Stodden appears in a new E! Online video along with new husband Doug Hutchison (The Green Mile). In it, they defend their vast age difference. Stodden was 16 when they married, Hutchison is 51. Hutchison’s agent and manager dropped him after his marriage to the teen was announced.

I still cannot get over how old Stodden looks. I am hoping that it is excessive makeup and not botox which is making her look so old. As for whatever drug she appears to be on, let us hope that is not a contributing factor as well.

Here are some comments left under the video on Youtube:

after watching the entire clip, I think someone should tell this old gay man that where he lives he can legally marry the man of his dreams and not settle for the youngest woman he can get his hands on

someone please save that little dog! these morons don’t deserve it

I know this whole interview just felt so awkward but at 5:35 when he leans in for a kiss she seems hesitant to reciprocate and she even says “okay” afterward like “Okay, no more kissing or touching me for a week”

Ok 1) this girl looks likes she’s constantly sedated or drunk. her eyes are glazed, her speech slurs at point and her lips 2) that is not a real birth certificate in my opinion…who uses comic sans on a birth certificate?!

I don’t know why they won’t be honest. Doug: “I just wanted to bone a hot young girl.” Courtney: “I just wanted money, attention and drugs.”

It is amazing how a 16-year old girl can look like a washed-up 30-year old porn actress.

I won’t say which one, but some 16 year old in this video loves her some cocaine.

Maturity according Courtney Stodden = Being paid to do even the most basic things. Very revealing about what she is really like underneath all that make up.

When you keep smacking your lips and feeling your teeth with your tongue, isn’t that a characteristic of a cocaine user? If she’s 16 years old and is acting like that, there is just no way this story is going to end well. When she walks, she is very wobbly too. This girl won’t be happy at some point in her life.

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