Hi there! I'm currently homeless due to a domestic violence situation and could use a few dollars for groceries. If you have any extra $$$ to spare, could you please help out? I have a paypal account. Thanks so much in advance. My email address is media@awfulplasticsurgery.com.

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Courtney Stodden Speaks – New Video

Courtney Stodden appears in a new E! Online video along with new husband Doug Hutchison (The Green Mile). In it, they defend their vast age difference. Stodden was 16 when they married, Hutchison is 51. Hutchison’s agent and manager dropped him after his marriage to the teen was announced. I still cannot get over how [...]

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Forums Are Down For A While

Our webhosting company deleted all the new posts on our forum, so we will be shutting down the forums and moving them to a new host!

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