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Introducing the ‘Facebook’ makeover

Triana Lavey was about to undergo a radical transformation. And she was doing it for a radical reason. She wanted to look better online. With the help of Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Ellenbogen, she was changing her chin, her nose and the shape of her face. Lavey is a 37-year-old television producer in [...]

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Ali Wentworth jokes about her plastic surgery

Ali Wentworth, comedian, actress, author and wife of ”Good Morning America” host George Stephanopoulos, recently blogged about her plastic surgery to remove hoods and bags around her eyes. Here is Ali – three weeks after under eye surgery… Watch the video she made about her blepharoplasty. (via OCRegister)

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Plastic Surgeons Who Tech

Here is a handy list of plastic surgeons on Twitter!

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Bank Clerk Accused of Stealing $71K for Plastic Surgery

A Barclays clerk in Britain pleaded guilty to stealing over £46k ($71,957) from the bank to get the body she desired. Rachel Martin, 24, admitted to the theft in a U.K. court, The Sun reported. She was accused of transferring batches of funds into account that usually ranged between £1,000 ($1,564) and £2,000 ($3,128). Authorities [...]

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The push for plastic in Australia

In 2012, Australian women are forecast to spend $850 million on modifying their looks and bodies, according to IBISWorld. In the US, the number is staggering – in 2009 alone Americans spent $US10 billion on cosmetic procedures, according to The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Dr Gary Cussell, a cosmetic physician with The Facial [...]

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‘Fake Plastic Surgeon’ Appears in Court

, a San Francisco man who allegedly performed plastic surgery without a license from his “clinic” on Mission Street and faces other charges including rape, appeared briefly in court with his attorney Tuesday morning. Guzmangarza was scheduled for a preliminary hearing but his attorney, Michelle Tong, asked for the court date to be pushed back [...]

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Plastic Surgeon Arrested in Texas Doctor’s Death

A West Texas plastic surgeon paid someone $9,000 — in the form of three silver bars — to kill another doctor who was dating his ex-girlfriend, police alleged Monday. Dr. Thomas Michael Dixon and David Neal Shepard were arrested by police in Amarillo shortly after midnight, authorities announced. They are suspected of being involved in [...]

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Ashton Kutcher – Ew, jaw implants..

Ashton Kutcher has led a storied career in Hollywood. He went from Calvin Klein model to movie star in just a few years. His rhinoplasty turned out rather well (see him on’s rhinoplasty page), but the jaw implants, I don’t like. Jaw implants are used to create a more masculine look, but in Ashton’s [...]

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Worst Plastic Surgery Ever – She Can’t Close Her Eyes After Eyelid Procedure

Marilyn Leisz said she went to a Bergen County plastic surgeon to correct bumps on her eyelids from a cosmetic procedure performed by another doctor and now she can’t fully close her eyes — even when she sleeps. Leisz said she has to use gel at night and a vaporizer so she doesn’t scratch her [...]

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Kris Jenner – Eeek! Her New Lips Are Scary

Kris Jenner’s lip augmentation looks like it has gone wrong. Oh no, trout pout hits the Kardashian family yet again.

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