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Meet beauty broker, Melinda Farina. Telling people the truth about their looks — then steering them to surgical and dermatological remedies — is Farina’s bread and butter. A friend described her to me as a “beauty broker” who matches discerning clientele with high-end cosmetologists. The result, my smitten friend said, is a network akin to “the Soho House of plastic surgery.” Her métier is getting clients in with surgeons who, she says, strictly nip and tuck A-listers.

Melinda Farina

Melinda Farina

“As far as my VIP clients go,” she tells me, “it’s confidential. But there are reports Ashlee ‘Somebody’ found her doctor through me. No comment there. I take care of supermodels, but much of that is nutrition, eating-disorder therapy, and corrective dentistry for eroding teeth. I have worked on the Trumps, Catherine Zeta-Jones, tons of tycoons, multiple royals. Surgeries at 1 a.m., back-door entrances, private nurses in hotel penthouses.”

Farina isn’t the first middleman in the field; Wendy Lewis, “the Martha Stewart of cosmetic surgery,” has been doing it for decades. But whereas Lewis bills her clients upwards of $300 an hour, Farina — who describes her rival as “older and out of touch” — hasn’t charged any of her “hundreds, if not thousands, of clients” a penny for her time. She just takes $10,000 a year from 226 specialists in her referral network, Integrated Aesthetics Consulting, which spans New York, Miami, L.A., Dallas, and soon Chicago. When I spoke to Lewis on the phone, she laughed wildly at the mention of Melinda as her competitor, roaring into the receiver, “That’s hilarious that she thinks so, because as far as I’m concerned, she can’t even begin to understand the experience I have; not the knowledge, the contacts, nor the ethics.”

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