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Dog gets plastic surgery on his face

Some people dress their dogs up in silly costumes, but one dog in San Antonio got a complete re-vamp. He got cosmetic surgery.

Sesame is a 2-year-old Shar Pei. These kind of dogs normally have a wrinkled look, but Sesame’s wrinkles were out of control.

The San Antonio Humane Society says he had so much extra skin and facial wrinkles, Sesame could barely open his eyes and would often get rashes and infections. So Sesame went under the knife and got a facelift.

Humane society officials say Sesame can now see shadows and movements and seems much happier. And now, Sesame will be able to see his new owners, too. He’s up for adoption, but with his new face, we’re sure he won’t have any problem finding a new home soon!

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