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Something is up with Tori Amos

Tori Amos is apparently traveling down the heavily trodden path of many famous singers. The internet is buzzing with stories about her new ‘look’. I had to see for myself and saw a Tori Amos I barely recognized (thank goodness for captions!).

Her nose looks shaved down and her forehead yanked up. Her eyes look entirely different and the skin on her face is smoother.

If you’ve followed Tori long enough, you know that Tori LOVES Tori and she’ll keep doing this stuff, because she wants to look GOOD. Yikes. All the softness is gone from her face and she’s looking witchy.

Tea Leoni tries not to age

Actress Tea Leoni is trying not age. All seems to be going except when she tries to make facial expressions and her forehead does not move. Her eyes also look like they have gotten smaller over time and unlike most 42 year actress, Tea has no signs of aging around her eyes, which simply look odd.

Also, Tea’s nose has changed between the time she first entered the public eye and now. In the aftermath, she was left with one of those strange Michelle Pfeifer noses where her nostrils are always on show. There was nothing wrong with the nose she started out.

tea leoni
tea leoni

Natalia Imbruglia is no longer left of the middle

Natalie Imbruglia burst out into the music scene in 1997 with her hit album Left of the Middle and unforgettable song, ‘Torn’.  Since then, she’s struggled wildly to attain the same success musically with little or no luck. Lately, she’s been seen on various film premiere red carpets trying to regain the public interest.

Natalie no longer looks like the freshfaced beauty she was back in the day.  She looks like the typical tight faced celeb with serious botox in her upper facial area.  The skin in her eye sockets looks very tight as if it has been pulled to the limit. Her eyes appear to have lost their softness and Natalie look permanently startled.


The Hollow Eyes of Barbara Walters


Ahh..the hollow eyes of Barbara Walters. I’m sure she prides herself at being a very young looking senior citizen, but in reality she looks like someone desperately clinging to what she feels looks like youth. Take for instance her brow. Her eyes have a very hollowed out look. Granted, her eyes are not sagging, but the hollowed out look is not very attractive either and to me is the dead giveaway that the wearer has had a brow lift (either one or several very aggressive attempts). Its a pity that ageism in the entertainment industry forces participants to take extreme measures simply to stay in a competitive game.

She’s Not Charlie’s Angel Anymore


Concerned readers have contacted regarding Kate Jackson’s ‘odd’ appearance on the recent Emmy’s show. concurs that Kate did look less than angelic and her appearance seemed firmly entrenched in demonic territory. The outer corners of her eyes were pulled up firmly as if she’d had an aggressive brow lift. When she smiled, her cheeks burst out like they’d been stuff with something. Its understandable that she has aged, but were it not for her having Jacklyn Smith on one side and Farrah Fawcett on the other, I wouldn’t have been to recognize her very easily.