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Separated at birth?

Separated at birth? Lol, I think not, but Bree’s puffed up kisser, highly arched up brows, and pulled back hairline give her a remarkable resemblance to the transgendered Alexis Arquette. It looks like Bree’s doctor yanked her hairline back too far. Or is she wearing a wig? Who knows?

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The New Bree Walker

Last year, many wrote in about Bree Walker after seeing her on the Dr. Phil show. They were concerned about her possibly surgically altered appearance. I’m afraid they’ll be even more concerned after viewing Bree’s profile picture on the website of tv show, ‘Carnival’. She looks very odd and feline like around the eyes, as [...]

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Bree Walker

After seeing Bree Walker on a recent Larry King Live TV appearance, one viewer remarked, ‘It looks like Loni Anderson and the Crypt Keeper had a child together’. Poor Bree’s eyes are all askew from a bad face lift.

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