Hi there! I'm currently homeless due to a domestic violence situation and could use a few dollars for groceries. If you have any extra $$$ to spare, could you please help out? I have a paypal account. Thanks so much in advance. My email address is media@awfulplasticsurgery.com.

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Cameron Diaz by a nose

Cameron Diaz has been hacking at her face for a few years and now it looks like she’s gotten rhinoplasty. Her nostrils are smaller and the bridge of her nose has been raised. I don’t like it, it robs her of individuality.

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Who looks younger? Demi or Cameron

Who looks younger, Demi or Cameron Diaz? Cameron Diaz, although on 35, looks a little like a Spitting Image puppet here with big inflated cheeks and weird squinty eyes. Free Web poll for your Web site – freepolls.com

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