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Ugly Breast Implants Newscaster Sues Hustler

She’s suing Hustler!

Ugly breast implants owner, Catherine Bosley, is suing Hustler Magazine by claiming photographs of her published in the February 2006 issue of Hustler constitute copyright violation (Shouldn’t people be suing her for causing eye injury after looking at her hideously fake chest?). Bosley wants $1 million dollars plus $150k for each photo of her published in addition to attorneys fees. Good luck, Catherine, you’ll need it. Larry Flynt loves court battles and I do not believe that you will ever see a dime from him. Read more about the case at

Catherine Bosley

Catherine Bosley is a Youngstown news anchor fired for flashing in bar. Read more here. Photos recently surfaced on the Internet and her superiors saw them.

Catherine Bosley

I have no idea of why this woman thought that participating in a ‘Girls Gone Wild’ contest at a bar while on vacation in Florida would be a good idea. She has AWFUL breast implants; she’s so thin that they look like halved tangerines stuffed under her skin.

catherine bosley

Her chest looks like a pre-op transsexual’s who decided to get breast implants. She just does not have enough body fat to make them look real.