Hi there! I'm currently homeless due to a domestic violence situation and could use a few dollars for groceries. If you have any extra $$$ to spare, could you please help out? I have a paypal account. Thanks so much in advance. My email address is media@awfulplasticsurgery.com.

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Danielle Staub's breast implant horrors

I’ll be really honest. Danielle Staub’s breast implants don’t look like she paid for them, they look like they paid her to take them. They are seriously bad and for some reason, she is flaunting them in a homemade porn tape with bad lighting that highlights her 100% plastic face. I’m fairly sure her left [...]

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June 17, 2010 · The Staff · 12,545 Comments
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Danielle Staub revealed

Danielle Staub is best known for appearing of the Real Housewives of New Jersey while looking like Howdy Doody. Anyway, today’s post is about her plastic surgery. If you look at her mugshot from the 80s, you can tell she had rhinoplasty. But when she got it done, the surgeon should have reduced the space [...]

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June 10, 2010 · The Staff · 11,532 Comments
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