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More Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers is an AwfulPlasticSurgery.com fixture, due to the massive amounts of plastic surgery she enjoys receiving on an apparently regular basis. Her favorite plastic surgery has to be rhinoplasty, because her nose looks melted. Joanie could definitely be described as a plastic surgery addict, her face has changed tremendously over time. Would you have [...]

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April 3, 2009 · webmistress · 1,695 Comments
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Joan Rivers..she was not always scarier than a Halloween mask

Joan Rivers’ face did not always resemble a Halloween mask. She was perfectly normal looking in the mid 80s as this photo shows. After her husband committed suicide, her face started melting. First,her nose, and then the rest. Her hairline starts very far back on her head. Why? If not brain surgery, then it was [...]

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December 2, 2008 · webmistress · 1,865 Comments
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Joan Rivers – More scary photos

How many people in Hollywood have their original body parts? Very few. Joan Rivers, I suspect, has no original body parts left. Her face does not move very much when she speaks (her daughter Melissa looks to be on the same path). She has the usual Hollywood plastic surgery look: bat brow, weirdly pinched nose [...]

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March 3, 2008 · webmistress · Comments Closed
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Joan Rivers Slams Robert Redford's Plastic Surgery

One of America’s scariest plastic surgery victims, Joan Rivers, recently slammed actor Robert Redford for having a poorly done face lift. Poor Joan, she must’ve been looking at her own reflection. Link: Joan Rivers slams Robert Robert’s plastic surgery. Robert Redford’s face lift via CityBlogs

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June 23, 2005 · webmistress · Comments Closed
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Joan Rivers Leads the Pack

Joan Rivers is the third scariest looking celebrity after Jocelyn Wildenstein and Bruce Jenner. Her face is pulled so tight she could pass for being half Asian (no that’s not a slur). If you watch her on QVC, you’ll notice that only her mouth moves, the rest of her face is not animated.

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September 17, 2003 · webmistress · 2 Comments
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