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Mary Tyler Moore, the crypt keeper?

mary tyler moore

Is Mary Tyler Moore starting to look somewhat corpse-like? Her face looks very, very taut. There is definitely a going through a wind tunnel expression to her. I believe she has had several rounds of plastic surgery and has in the past year or two gone back for more! As if she needs it. It is a scary thought. The first plastic surgery I believe she had was on her nose and then she started ‘working’ on the rest of her face.

There really is not a point in getting face lifts at an advanced age, because your hands will give you away. You can’t have those lifted as well.

By popular demand, its’s Mary Tyler Moore

Mary Tyler Moore is this week’s recipient of ‘Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgery’. Her name tops the list of names sent in by web surfers for bad celebrity plastic surgery suggestions.

Like many people in Hollywood, Mary Tyler Moore has tried to hang on to her youth by any means necessary with somewhat distastrous results. She doesn’t have sagging jowls like many people her age, but her face is so tight it looks like a defective Halloween mask. Scarily enough, it is her real face.

There’s a vast difference between her late 70’s face and her late 90’s / early 00’s face. Had she left everything alone and just aged naturally, she would have looked nice, kind of like Mary Tyler Moore’s mother. Alas, trying to stop time, she had a face lift which destroyed the delicate plains of her face. Notice the difference in her facial shape, her face is flatter in the more recent photos. Strangest of all, she had a nose job (her previous nose was perfect), notice the change in the shape of her nostrils.


My Face Is So Tight I Can’t Stop Smiling!

Mary Tyler Moore
Mary Tyler Moore