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Separated At Birth – Mickey and Elsa

Reality star Elsa Patton appears on The Real Housewives of Miami. She has an uncanny resemblance to Mickey Rourke.

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March 10, 2011 · The Staff · Comments Closed
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The Madness of Mickey Rourke

Imagine, after years of struggling to make it as a performer, you find yourself in the category of ‘hot young male actor’. It happened to Mickey Rourke and he self destructed in the most awful of ways in the early 90s. In the latter part of the decade, he resurfaces looking radically different. Below is [...]

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April 17, 2008 · webmistress · Comments Closed
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Mickey Rourke and doll hair

Mickey Rourke has hair that looks like doll hair (you know, like Barbie). It looks plugged in and not at all natural. Even though the strands of hair are rather fine, you can still see each individal strand. Also, his hair is suspiciously full and thick for a man his age. What does it cost [...]

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April 15, 2008 · webmistress · Comments Closed
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Oh Mickey, You're Not Fine

Mickey Rourke Its not a good idea to wear your hair in a top knot so that hair hangs down on the sides to hide the fact that your hairline starts way behind your ears. Like that guy is the photo above. Well, it probably would have been best not to have so many overly [...]

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January 4, 2007 · webmistress · Comments Closed
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Mickey Rourke Added By Popular Demand

By popular demand, I present one of the scariest celebrity plastic surgery victims of all time, Mickey Rourke. Where the wheels fell off on his film career, no one knows, but by the early 90′s Mickey’s face started to morph into something frightening. Gone were his once pretty looks. In their place was a man [...]

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September 22, 2003 · webmistress · Comments Closed
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