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Why doesn’t her top lip move?

If you watch Bravo TV’s ‘Real Housewives of Orange County‘, you are no doubt familiar with one of the ‘real housewives’ named Lori. Many people wonder if she used to have a cleft palate or if she’s had too much botox, because her upper lip doesn’t move. Another thought is that perhaps she’s had too much Restalyne injected into her upper lip ( to plump it up) and somehow it has paralyzed the lip. Take a look at her photo and you decide.

Antonio Sabato and his plastic forehead


I recently saw Antonio Sabato on the Daytime Emmys and something looked ‘off’ about his appearance. He was not the cute guy I remembered from ‘General Hospital’ and ‘Melrose Place’. His forehead looked strangely smooth and very plastic like a Ken doll’s (Barbie’s boyfriend). His hairline also looked higher.

What is my suspicion? I suspect he may have had a brow lift. Antonio is only 34 years old. Why such a drastic step at such a young age? The change has ruined his facial harmony and is not an improvement.

Mia Farrow Through The Years

Mia Farrow was a world renowned beauty back in the 60s. Over the years, she appears to have dabbled in some facial alterations that haven’t been overwhelmingly flattering. She started out with a lovely oval shaped face in the 60s, which became more square in the 80s via what looks like cheek implants. Thrown in what looks like a face lift and eye lift very recently and you’ve got a person who looks completely different not courtesy of age, but rather by seemingly botched surgery. The plumper upper lips she now has also looks odd.

mia farrow looking strange

Madchen Amick


Madchen Amick spent the early part of her career on the Hollywood fast track. She quickly landed sizeable roles in feature films and starred in the critically acclaimed tv series, ‘Twin Peaks’. Fastfoward to 2005. IMDB lists Madchen’s birth date as 1970, but judging from how she currently looks, she’s got to be much older.

An alert reader notified that Madchen had changed. Her eyes look larger than they once were and her eyebrows are higher than they once were (they’ve taken on the infamous batbrow formation). There’s a squared off look to her lower face that was not there before. Cheek implants? Maybe.

Her delicate cupid’s bow is lost in an engorged upper lip and her lower lip looks too puffy. Moreover, even her prettily pert nose looks altered. It appears somehow flattened.

In conclusion, Madchen Amick is not ugly, but has simply become yet another member of the frightening Hollywood army of the surgically altered.

Dude Looks Like A LadyBoy?

Steven Tyler of Aerosmith is known as a sexy rocker, but lately he’s looking odd. He looked like he had on a pound of makeup when he appeared on the Grammy’s red carpet.

Let’s look at his nose. Every human’s nose has some degree of asymmetry; his however appears to have increased over the past decade or so. See the picture below and look at his nostrils. On the left, they were slightly asymmetrical; on the right in a more recent photo, they look more off kilter.

steven tyler

Check out these other photos for differences. The first photo from above on the left is from the early 90s. The other photos are within the last two to three years.

steven tyler

steven tyler

steven tyler

The New Rupert Everett


By popular demand, here are before and after comparisons of actor Rupert Everett. Audiences were stunned at his new look after seeing him on ‘Ellen‘ this week. I got dozens of emails from people who do not like his brow lift. Hopefully, the surgery will settle in and he won’t look so startled.

Here is some commentary from fans:

Did anyone see Rupert on Ellen Degeneres last week? Yikes, you have to get
a picture of him now and compare it to when he was in “My Best Friends
Wedding”. he doesn’t even look the same. I am not even sure what he did,
I think he got cheek implants, he looks horrible. Ugh, why did he ruin his
beautiful face?

I saw Rupert on Ellen last night. Is it me, or does he look really strange?
Looks like he’s had major work done. He didn’t even look like the same
person. Cheek implants, botox and maybe an eye lift. Check it out when you
get a chance.