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This Woman Spent $30,000 on Plastic Surgery to Look Like Pamela Anderson

pamela Anderson look alike
pamela Anderson look alike

The 30-year-old has spent $30,000 on eight boob jobs (her first breast surgery didn’t go so well when her implants exploded while she was in a tanning bed, and she ended up only having one implant for six months).

She also wears contact lenses to make her brown eyes blue and receives regular Botox injections, highlights, eyebrow wax and tints, lip tattoos, and spray tans to resemble her celebrity idol.

She changed her surname to “Anderson” and performs as Pamela Anderson at various events under the name “Scouse Pammie.”

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Pamela Anderson has stripper boobs

Pamela Anderson was once a cute girl from rural Canada. After moving to the US and falling into the clutches of the entertainment industry, she began her transformation with breast implants. Now, it seems she has opted for the huge stripper sized implants, that have no natural hang. Perhaps it is some sort of midlife crisis after being diagnosed with a fatal disease, a failed tv series, and a failed marriage.

In 1999, Anderson admitted that she had taken out her breast implants and that one had imploded while inside her chest. The next year, she was seen with a new set of implants.

Pamela Anderson looks like a Spitting Image puppet

Pamela Anderson is a great favorite of the masses. She’s a Playboy Playmate and syndicated TV star. In addition, she is a self admitted plastic surgery fan (she admitted to having breast implants a few years ago).

Lately, Pam does resemble a Spitting Image puppet. Her cheeks are bulbous, her lips insanely puffy, and her skin waxen and shiny.

Take a look.

The Ten Worst Celebrity Boob Jobs


This site has a list of ‘The Ten Worst Celebrity Boob Jobs’, click here to view. The usual suspects are there (Victoria Beckham, Courtney Love, Pamela Anderson) along with some surprises like Janet Jackson and Ivanka Trump. Vivica gets the top spot for worst celebrity boob job, which I disagree with. In my opinion, Victoria Beckham has the worst breast implants, because hers look like orange halves attached to her chest. Do you think Vicki will hate me for writing this? Probably, so let’s make fun of her breasts some more, click here or here.

The site also offers a peak at the gross right nipple of Pamela Anderson, which looks oddly placed and weathered (I suppose multiple breast implant surgeries will do that to you).